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Digital power is a leading factor in shaping the present and the future of organizations. The technological capabilities allow organizations to improve processes, develop new activity channels, new products, and new business models. Digital power is the key to increasing productivity and establishing a sustainable organization.

The Covid-19 crisis (2020-2021) has accelerated the processes of technology adoption. What began as a forced necessity due to the limitations of the crisis turned out to be an effective and desirable way of action for both managements and employees. At the same time, the constraint became a standard required by the customers and the suppliers.

In recent years, Israeli leaders have been talking about a national goal of “a million Israelis in high-tech” via three directions:

  • Strengthening the high-tech industry, mainly by training workers for tech-professional positions.
  • Training workers in non-technological professions (sales, human resources, operations, finance, etc.) so that they can integrate into high-tech companies.
  • Harnessing the digital power in all sectors and industries, i.e. – leading a digital transformation for the benefit of increasing productivity and accessibility to new markets.

The human factor in general and the behavioral factor, in particular, are at the heart of each of these axes. Investing in human capital is the key to creating added value for the employee and the organization, by acquiring knowledge and skills, increasing motivation and productivity. It is also a way to nurture and retain employees.

Understanding the digital power and its significance in the organization is a necessary basis for success in leading change. It is a must for the necessary adjustments required to fit in the digital age in which we live and in the competitive environment at the present and in the future.

Our Offer

At DigitalRosh we have developed a series of services using the concept of Life Long Learning .

Our offer includes:

Our Courses

Introductory courses:

  • DLC101 – The Digital Power – Integrating Business and Technology

  • DLC102 – The technological force – How to think about technology – AI as an example


  • DLC103 – The business force – Digital, innovation, and strategy – 55 models


  • DLC104 – Build a digital Blue Ocean

  • DLC110 – The Digital Power to the Board (Guided only)

  • DLC111 – The PIE model for work-life integration

  • DLC129 – Introduction to Metaverse

Core courses:

  • DLC144 – Digital Leadership: “Harnessing the digital power” (synchronic Q1)
  • DLC154 Digital Leadership: “Harnessing the digital power” (self-learning)
  • DLC145 – Advanced Digital Leadership: “Tools and test cases” (synchronic Q2)
  • DLC155 (beta) – Advanced Digital Leadership: “Tools and test cases” (self-learning)
  • DLC146 Advanced Digital Leadership: ” Lead the organizational transformation process” (synchronic Q3)
  • DLC156 (beta) – Advanced Digital Leadership: ” Lead the organizational transformation process” (self-learning)


Core Courses in English:

  • DLC601 – Yearly Organizational Innovation Program (“Teva model”)
  • DLC844 (Beta) – Prof. Noam Shomron: The Future of Digital Medicine – Overview
  • DLC845 (Beta) – Prof. Noam Shomron: Leading The Future of Digital Medicine

Specialization courses in Hebrew:

  • DLC517 – The Journey: Digital products & Services

  • DLC513 – Technologies in 5, 10, and 15 years

  • DLC516 Case Studies (under construction)

  • DLC515 – The CEO’s perspective (under construction)

  • DLC514 – The Red Route – Dangers in the Digital Age

  • DLC512 – Leading Digital at the National level

Specialization courses in English :

  • DLC801 – Dr. Adizes: How to implement Decisions

  • DLC887 – Innovating Innovating

  • DLC888 – Orange Bike Mind

DigitalRosh services – digital infrastructure for Life Long Learning:
Community, Corpus, Career

Lectures and Events

Lectures, workshops, and peak days can be booked for management teams and employees.

Some of the Organizational Events we held:

אפשרויות הלימוד

  למידה עצמית – משתתף/ת למול אתר (במחשב שולחני או נייד), ONLINE, מבחן בתאריך נתון.
  למידה עצמית + הנחיה – כמו סעיף 1 בתוספת פתיחה מונחית + ליווי קבוצת ווטסאפ + מבחן
  למידה סינכרונית בזום – קורס מונחה בזמן נתון, לקבוצה. 
  למידה סינכרונית פיזית – קורס מונחה בזמן נתון, לקבוצה, באתר שיבחר – בארגון או באתר למידה אחר למידה מרוכזת פיזית – חצאי ימים, ימים וכו


The language can be adapted to the participants in lectures and events :


The participants of the courses will be given a certificate of qualification from the Technion, conditional on active participation in guided courses or a test in self-study courses.

Models of Organizational Engagement

The engagement model and the components can be adapted to the nature and requirements of the organization.

Few examples of engagement models:

  • Leadership workshop for managers – 8 hours
  • Organizational review (in Zoom) for the population according to the organization’s choice – 2 hours
  • The course “harnessing the digital power” for mid-level managers – self-learning or guided course.
  • Advanced courses for selected students by choice.
  • Organizational review — open to invitees – 2 hours
  • 50 participants, according to the organization’s choice, in a self-learning model with opening and closing sessions + certification test – two months
  • Advanced courses for selected students by choice.
  • Organizational review — open to invitees
  • 50 participants, according to the organizations’s choice, in an advanced course
  • “Building a Blue Ocean” workshop
  • The course “Lead organizational transformation”
  • 100 subscribers to DigitalRosh + the course “harnessing the digital power” in self-learning
  • Two days of training for organizational leaders “lead digital transformation”
  • Advanced courses by choice
  • Formation of facilitators from the digital team and the business team in the organization
  • The course “Harness the digital power”
  • Later, the facilitators receive an advanced course
  • At the same time, a 2 days format course for management (DLC144)

Organizations that Participated in Our Courses

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