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Recommended New Items

Yariv Hasar – Pagaya’s Financial AI Platform

Yariv Hasar from Pagaya Technologies was the guest speaker at DigitalRosh LIVE. Yariv’s lecture revolved around AI and its implementation in Pagaya as a platform that helps approve risky loans and transform estimates into business information.. Aya concluded with a few takeaways for digital leaders. He oncluded his lecture with Pagaya’s top 5 values and his take on the future of AI and AGI.

Dr. Aya Soffer – AGI – Are We There Yet?

Dr. Aya Soffer, VP of AI technologies at IBM Research was the guest speaker at DigitalRosh LIVE. Dr. Soffer reviewed the evolution of AI and explained the concept of foundation models. Aya concluded with a few takeaways for digital leaders.

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