About Our Tools

DigitalRosh is pleased to present a variety of tools for leaders, and thinkers who seek personal and professional growth. The variety we offer aims to deepen the expertise required to lead in the age of innovation and fast change.

Our Array of Tools

DigitalRosh Leadership Courses

Digital Leadership Course DLC518
“AGI Fundamentals for Business”

Artificial General Intelligence – context, tools, and practical tips

Digital Leadership Course DLC888
“OBM – Orange Bike Mind”

A unique workshop: train yourself to be more effective in your cognitive abilities

Digital Leadership Course DLC854 
“The Future of Digital Medicine”

Understand how personalized, data-driven therapeutics change the world of medicine

Digital Leadership Courses with the Technion (Hebrew)

DigitalRosh and the Technion (the Innovation Center and Continuing and Professional Education) are proud to present the Digital Transformation Leadership Route.

The Digital Transformation Leadership Route (in Hebrew) is offered as a set of three courses for leading digital transformation. The courses are based on academic courses given as part of MBA and EMBA programs and executive training at leading universities in Israel and abroad. The courses provide a certification of the Technion and DigitalRosh, subject to passing an online certification test.

While each course stands on its own, one can enroll for the entire track to be completed over several months. The courses are adapted for personal learning and can be integrated into an organizational development plan.

The basic course DLC144: “Harness the Digital Power” is about the world of digital leadership, its meaning in the business world, and the ways to apply it.

Advanced course DLC145: “Tools and test cases” Expands and provides practical tools for those managing the digital transformation process.

Advanced course DLC146: ” Lead the organizational transformation process” Engages in the process itself according to the ready, set; go! operate model.

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