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DigitalRosh (founded by i8 and Accenture) and the Technion (the Innovation Center and Continuing and Professional Education) are proud to present the 2023 training courses.

Our course catalog comprises introductory courses, core courses, and deepening courses. Each course stands on its own, but you can also enroll in a set of courses that complement each other for the year’s duration. The courses are adapted for personal learning (synchronous and asynchronous) and can be integrated into an organizational development plan.

The courses are based on academic courses given as part of MBA and EMBA programs and in executive training at leading universities in Israel and abroad. The versions are adapted to the Israeli and international markets and have been updated for 2023

Our Catalog

Introductory courses in English:

  • DLC101 (Alpha) – The Digital Power – Integrating Business and Technology


  • DLC102 (Alpha) – The technological force – How to think about technology – AI as an example


  • DLC103 (Alpha) – The business force – Digital, innovation, and strategy – 55 models


  • DLC104 (Alpha) Build a digital Blue Ocean


  • DLC110 (Alpha) The Digital Power to the Board (Guided only)


  • DLC111 (Alpha) – The PIE model for work-life integration


  • DLC129 (Alpha) – Introduction to Metaverse

Core Courses in English:

  • DLC601 – Yearly Organizational Innovation Program (“Teva model”)

  • DLC844  – Prof. Noam Shomron: The Future of Digital Medicine – Theory To Practice

  • DLC854 – The Future of Digital Medicine – Theory To Practice – Self-Learning

Specialization courses in English:

  • DLC518 – Real-World AGI for Business

  • DLC801 (Alpha) – Dr. Adizes: How to implement Decisions


  • DLC887 (Beta) – Innovating Innovating


  • DLC888 (Beta) – Orange Bike Mind

Introductory courses in Hebrew:

  • DLC101 – The Digital Power – Integrating Business and Technology

  • DLC102 – The technological force – How to think about technology – AI as an example

  • DLC103 – The business force – Digital, innovation, and strategy – 55 models

  • DLC104 – Build a digital Blue Ocean

  • DLC105 – Introduction to Metaverse

  • DLC110 – The Digital Power to the Board (Guided only)

  • DLC111 – The PIE model for work-life integration

Core courses  in Hebrew:

  • DLC144 – Digital Leadership: “Harnessing the digital power” (synchronic Q1)
  • DLC154 Digital Leadership: “Harnessing the digital power” (self-learning)
  • DLC145 – Advanced Digital Leadership: “Tools and test cases” (synchronic Q2)
  • DLC155 (Beta) – Advanced Digital Leadership: “Tools and test cases” (self-learning)
  • DLC146 Senior Digital Leadership: ”Lead Transformation in the Age of AGI” (synchronic Q3)
  • DLC156Advanced Digital Leadership: ” Lead the organizational transformation process” (self-learning)

Specialization courses in Hebrew:

  • DLC512 – Leading Digital at the National level

  • DLC513 – Technologies in 5, 10, and 15 years

  • DLC514 – The Red Route – Dangers in the Digital Age

  • DLC515 – The CEO’s perspective (under construction)

  • DLC516 – Case Studies (under construction)

  • DLC517 – The Journey: Digital Products & Services

DigitalRosh – Life Long Learning for Digital Leaders
via ongoing learning (Corpus), social learning (Community), and formal learning (Courses)

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The ability to lead organizational change processes that integrate digital tools, technology understanding, and the dangers and opportunities arising from it, while referring to digital in all the axes of action in the organization.

Present or future managers, looking for an understanding of the digital world, the impact of technology on the business world, and knowledge of the practical tools available to them.

Prof. Yesha Sivan is the founder and CEO of i8 ventures and Digitalrosh – a business platform for innovation in innovation. He is also a guest lecturer in the MBA program of the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, on digital issues, innovation, and venture investments.

His expertise includes the development and implementation of innovative solutions in companies, hi-tech, government, and defense institutions. Focuses on strategy and information technologies (SVIT – Strategic Value of Innovation Technology), innovation and risk entrepreneurship (employment black holes), conscious leadership (Orange Bike Mind Workshop), virtual worlds (3d3c platforms), and knowledge infrastructures and normal systems. After receiving his doctorate from Harvard University, Sivan taught in executive education programs, EMBA, MBA design, and engineering in his areas of interest.

  • The core courses are intended for individuals with managerial and business experience and/or with experience in the digital and technology world.
    The introductory courses are intended for anyone interested in enriching their learning.

Self-learning courses – the contents of the course are delivered through online self-learning at a pace that suits you, at a time and place of your choice from a computer or phone.

Guided courses – the course content is completely online, the learning is shared and includes a theoretical lecture, peer learning in small groups, and feedback.

Organizational courses – the structure of the lectures and courses can be adapted to the needs of the organization. For more information, please refer to the page for organizations.

In the self-learning DLC150 course, receiving the certificate is conditional upon passing the certification test with a score of 80 or higher.
In the other core courses, you must attend 5 sessions out of the six in order to receive the qualification certificate.

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