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About Us

DigitalRosh is a platform to empower the 21 Century leaders.
We enable personal and organizational growth, in three main fronts:

  • Newsletter for staying updated
  • Knowledge for a wider point of view.
  • People for professional interaction.
  • Tools for development and skills. 
DigitalRosh is a platform to empower 21st Century leaders on 3 fronts: Think (Knowledge), Lead (People), and Transform (Tools).
DigitalRosh Knowledge: For a broader perspective and to cultivate empathy, critical thinking, and open-mindedness.
For professional interaction to acquire leading skills, learn from others, and collectively shape effective collaboration and teamwork.

Explore MindLi:


Our world, My thinking...

MindLi is a personal thinking copilot, a productivity tool needed for every thinking person.

  • Available for iOS devices: iPhone, iPad, and Mac.
  • MindLi Chrome extension is available for desktops.
  • Also applicable to Microsoft Edge.


Our weekly newsletter with curated ‘Sparks’ for global leaders.

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Over 2538 content items on professional topics such as AI, metaverse, cyber, sustainability, medicine, culture, digital leaders, and more.

Curated Reports, Presentations, Videos, and Much More.


DigitalRosh members can meet online for professional interaction on our dedicated and private groups on LinkedIn.

To facilitate the possibilities inherent in membership, see MEMDIR. We encourage people to update their profiles so members can find peers based on their professional expertise. 


Extensive curated catalog of managerial tools and leadership courses (free and for pay, in various modes.) Explore TOOLDIR and COURSEDIR. 

Also, find out more about MindLi – your thinking copilot.


“Let another praise thee, and not thy own mouth: a stranger, and not thy own lips.”

Book of Proverbs (27:2)

Organizations that have worked with us

“There is nothing new under the sun, but there are new suns.”

Octavia E. Butler, USA.

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