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About Us

DigitalRosh is a LLL (Life Long Learning) infrastructure for Digital Leaders.  

We enable personal and organizational LLL services, in three main fronts:

  • Corpus for ongoing learning.
  • Community for social learning. 
  • Courses for formal learning.

Digital Leadership in Medicine:

The Future of Digital Medicine (DLC844)

In this course, Prof. Noam Shomron will provide theoretical and practical insights into digital medicine, with an emphasis on genomics.

10-week live Zoom course starts on 01-May-2023.

Community – Learning Together:

On Human & Machine Learning

On Tuesday 30-May 18:00-20:00 IL time we will hold our periodic community meeting – On Human and Machine Learning.

The community meeting is open to all DigitalRosh members. It is an opportunity to meet, explore what’s new in DigitalRosh, share your ideas, and learn from others.

Registration is free of charge.

Ongoing Learning:


Over 1949 content items on professional topics such as AI, metaverse, cyber, sustainability, medicine, culture, digital leaders, and more.

Curated Reports, Presentations, Videos, and Much More.

Our Newsletter – Open Your Mind:

DigitalRosh CONNECT

Gathers news about digital and innovation, events, and our own DigitalRosh updates. 

You are invited to see our AI Connie presents this week’s edition.

See all our newsletters.

Social Learning:


Live events, professional tours, and special events for DigitalRosh members.

Networking and cooperation with other members, mentoring, leading a topical area on the site, and more.

Schmooze with them via DigitalRosh MEMDIR.

Formal Learning:


Extensive curated catalog of leadership courses (free and for pay, in various modes)

And our own Digital Leadership courses with the Technion: for self-learning, and organizational learning.

Explore our DigitalRosh COURSEDIR.

Special Focus:


A career in digital leadership: Work & life integration, career paths, and a job board.

“Wisdom comes from experience. Experience is often a result of lack of wisdom.”

 Terry Pratchett

Spread the Love:


“Let another praise thee, and not thy own mouth: a stranger, and not thy own lips.”

Book of Proverbs (27:2)

Learn at Work:

Organizations that have worked with us

“There is nothing new under the sun, but there are new suns.”

Octavia E. Butler, USA.

And now:

What's next?

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