DigitaRosh LIVE – Seeking Digital Heights with AGI (Q1 2023)

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 DigitalRosh LIVE – The Giraffe series “Seeking Digital Heights with AGI.”

Because of their height, giraffes are able to see over the horizon and spot potential threats or opportunities that might not be visible to other animals. Their tall stature also allows them to find an abundance of food inaccessible to other animals – a “blue ocean” in the savannah. In addition to their physical abilities, giraffes also have excellent eyesight, which helps them to see clearly and accurately over long distances.

How can the implementation of digital technology change an entire traditional industry? Who are the Giraffes of every field – the pioneers that see the future ahead of everyone else?

The lecturers:

  • Imad Telhami – Founder & Chairman, Babcom Centers.
  • Tera Allas – Director of Research & Economics, McKinsey.
  • Aya Soffer – Director, IBM Research.
  • Yariv Hasar – CDO, Tech GM, Pagaya.

Join us for unique, fascinating, and meaningful meetings on Tuesdays, from 18:00 to 19:00 (IST), for a lecture with senior executives – each from a leading company in their field from the digital front, after the lecture we hold an open discussion between 19:00-19:45 in which everyone can participate.

You can register for all the meetings of the series with the button below, or for each of the meetings separately.

After the registration, you will receive a confirmation email. Reminders with contact details will be sent the day before the meeting and also an hour before it starts.

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