DigitalRosh CONNECT: 17-Sep-2023 (Y23W38)

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This week in CONNECT: 

  1. Digital Leader: Accenture, Led by CEO Julie Sweet, Bets on AI
  2. AGI Tools: Hugging Face – 12 Things to Know Before You Start
  3. Contemplation: Sundar Pichai’s Reflection on Google’s 25-Year Journey
  4. DigitalRosh Events: Professional Community Tour in the North
  5. Events:  01-NOV-2023 INCOSEIL 2023 International Conference of Systems Engineering in the Era of AI; 19-OCT-2023 UNICOM Online Conference of Knowledge Management, Information and Data
  6. Jobs: Software Testing Team Leader at IEC, Team Leader Technology Division at Maccabi, and more.
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1. Digital Leader: Accenture’s CEO Julie Sweet Bets on AI – Plans to Invest $3 Billion

Accenture has committed to investing $3 billion over the next three years in advancing its expertise in generative AI.

Accenture’s CEO, Julie Sweet, shared insights on the firm’s efforts in advising clients on generative AI adoption.

Accenture views AI in three dimensions: helping clients, delivering for clients, and operating internally. They have successfully integrated predictive AI into their sales function through Salesforce (whom they partnered with in an accelerator hub for generative AI) and are now excited about adding generative AI to accelerate insights and connections.

Sweet stressed the importance of change management and skill to ensure technology adoption within organizations. She also emphasized the necessity of understanding and mitigating risks associated with AI, calling for clear accountability and responsible AI practices. She summarized by saying “The most important skill is the ability to learn”.

Read the full article and listen to an interview with Julie Sweet at DigitalRosh.

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2. AGI Tools: Hugging Face – 12 Things to Know Before You Start

This article suggests 12 insights & tips that will help you avoid common frustration and improve your progress with Hugging Face LLMs. They are split into 4 main topics:

  1. Training Course – Tips for beginners before starting this free course on NLP using the HugginFace Ecosystem.
  2. Transformers and Pipelines – Transformers are your toolbox to interact with all the Hugging Face models; Tips to use with common tasks.
  3. What Model Should I Pick? – Tips to use a model suited for your level of expertise.
  4. LangChain and Text2Text-generation – What to do first and what is necessary at a later stage.

Read the full article on DigitalRosh.

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3. Contemplation: Sundar Pichai’s Reflection on Google’s 25-Year Journey

In a letter marking Google’s 25th birthday, Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google and Alphabet, reflects on the company’s journey and technological advancements over the past quarter-century.

Pichai recounts Google’s origins, rooted in the mission to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. He acknowledges the transformative impact of Google Search and the subsequent expansion into numerous products and services, each driven by fundamental questions.

Additionally, Pichai discusses the company’s enduring commitment to innovation and its journey into artificial intelligence (AI), leading to remarkable breakthroughs and new product developments. He emphasizes the importance of responsible AI development and envisions AI as the next major technological shift that will continue to improve lives on a larger scale.

Read Sundar Pichai’s full letter on DigitalRosh.

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4. DigitalRosh Events: Professional Community Tour in the North

DigitalRosh’s professional tour for the community was held on September 7, 2023, in northern Israel. DigitalRosh friends and community members joined the tour.

During the first part of the day, we learned about the founder and chairman of Babcom Centers, Imad Telhami, and his vision for the company. This vision consisted of creating dignified and respectful employment opportunities for underrepresented populations in Israel, enabling a jumpstart for a better future.

The second part of the day involved a traditional Druze-style lunch, and a meeting with Iris Teller, founder of Tzipor Hanefesh Association. Tzipor Hanefesh Association is an occupational organization that employs artists with special needs who are unable to work in the free market and within regular rehabilitation frameworks.

It was an inspiring day, in which we saw the good in Israeli society and the possibility of choosing a business model with economic value for entrepreneurs, customers, and human society in general. Above all, it was a quality time among the friends of the community which is always a pleasure.

Read more about DigitalRosh’s Bus Tour on DigitalRosh.

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5. Events:

01-NOV-2023 INCOSEIL 2023 International Conference of Systems Engineering in the Era of AI

On Wednesday, 11-NOV-2023, the annual international conference for systems engineering led by INCOSE-IL will be held in Israel. This year’s conference will deal with digital systems engineering, automation, autonomous systems, and tools for making decisions based on digital information. The annual conference of INCOSE-IL is an opportunity to share systems engineering issues with a wide population from industry and academia, create acquaintances between those involved in systems engineering, industry-industry, and industry-academia cooperation, to keep up-to-date with tools and methods, and expand and deepen the practice of systems engineering approach.

We are proud of our community members Ziv Avtalion and Irit Parnet who will be participating in the conference panels.

Sign up here

19-OCT-2023 UNICOM Online Conference of Knowledge Management, Information and Data

This conference is valuable for executives and IT professionals wanting to understand, structure, and exploit their enterprise’s knowledge – for reasons such as improved efficiency and operations, better understanding of data, and identifying commercial opportunities. It is relevant for private and public sector organizations. It is also relevant for professionals wanting to grow their careers, drive change, and learn how to lead a team, educators and researchers, and anyone who wants to run an innovative and knowledge-driven enterprise.

Register here

Check DigitalRosh Events Calendar

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6. Jobs Board: Software Testing Team Leader at IEC, Team Leader Technology Division at Maccabi, and more.

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