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  • Corpus
    Ongoing learning
    Ever growing library of relevant content for digital leaders
    Newsletter to open the mind to the new
    1625 items on Technologies, Industries, Functions, Culture, Careers, etc.
    CORpus DIRectory (BTA): our unified method to search and find DigitalRosh Copurs Items.
  • PRO Services
    TOOLDIR, lead content, publish case studies, etc.
    TOOLs DIRectoy with guides and tools organized by type: parctical, managment, technological and more.
  • Community
    Social learning
    Share, learn from each other, network & cooperate
    Were we meet to co-update with DigitalRosh members
    COMmunity MEETings, over zoom. Past topics included the nature of LLL, the impact of Tesla, Ukraine war, and our mentorship program.
  • LIVE
    Community Zoom events
    with key leaders
    DigitalRosh LIVE webinars for DigitalRosh members - keynote speaker, Q&A and updates, led by Jacob Eilon and Prof Yesha Sivan
  • PRO Services
    MEMDIR, Lead and co-lead a group, etc.
    MEMbers DIRectory: present your experties, connect with other members and create opportunities.
  • Courses
    Formal learning
    Learn digital leadership with DigitalRosh and the Technion or other courses of different platforms.
  • Taster Courses
    Sample of our courses
    to get the feel and focused leraning
    For native and immigrant
    digital Leaders
    COURSE DIRectory - Curated courses from all over the world, many free.
  • PRO Services
    MENTOR, early seats for our certification courses (20%), & more
    MENTORs get special training and serve as group leaders in our activiteis. learn by teaching.

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The system produces invoices/receipts that can be accessed through the DigitalRosh website> about> My settings> Subscription details > Payments. The invoice is in a PDF file for download.

More questions? You can send an email to with the subject: invoices.

You can pay with all credit cards. Card details are not saved in the system. We work with third-party world-class billing firms like Stripe and PayPal.

Membership in DigitalRosh is conditional to compliance with the DigitalRosh Terms & Conditions as detailed on the About page. 

The payment will be refunded in the case of membership cancelation due to non-compliance.

The range and price of DigitalRosh services may change from time to time. Updates will be published on the site itself and in our newsletter.


Memberships can be canceled or freezed at any time.

See the DigitalRosh website > about > My settings > Subscription details >”Subscriptions” tab > Clicking on “update the subscription (upgrade, downgrade)”.

For further help, you can contact us at with the subject: upgrade or downgrade.

Payments made cannot be refunded.

Of course. For more information, you can access DigitalRosh for Organizations  or contact Nir Ekron directly  +972-50-627-2612 .

As a Life Long Learning service that connects people and communities, we pay special attention to the identity of our members.  This means that we make special efforts to verify the “realness” of our members.  So kindly:

  • Use real full names. First (Given) and Last (Surname).  They are also used to build your internal membership name.
  • Use real emails.
  • Use real address and mobile number (your address and mobile number are used for invoices and/or support, and managed separately from the details you may want to share in the members’ directory)
  • We actively “clean” fake users.
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