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BioMix Annual Competition

Join the exciting annual BIO-MIX 2023 competition where five teams of BioInnovators will compete for first place with their impactful ventures and innovative ideas.


The AGI Elephant Q3:
Artificial General Intelligence for Business webinar

A community meeting & updates on AGI for Business - developments that will shape our future. Free sign-up for PLUS/PRO members.


Senior Leadership Course DLC146: Lead Transformation in the Age of AGI (HE)

The organization and the Artificial General Intelligence, according to the RSGO model




24-Dec-2023TESTSelf-Learning Courses’ Test
14-Dec-2023EXTERNALAI in Healthcare Forum, 14..15-December, San Diego, CA, USA
26-Nov-2023TESTSelf-Learning Courses’ Test
01-Nov-2023EXTERNALInternational conference INCOSE_IL 2023
Systems engineering in the AI era – trends and applications. 1..2-Nov-2023. Herzliya, Israel (Hebrew)
29-Oct-2023EXTERNALThe Bank of Israel Fintech Conference 2023, Tel Aviv
29-Oct-2023TESTSelf-Learning Courses’ Test
25-Oct-2023COURSEDLC146 – Leading Organizational Transformation
19-Oct-2023EXTERNALKnowledge Management, Information & Data: Convergence and State of the Art. 19..20-Oct., London. In-person & On-line Conference
17-Oct-2023COMMITDRL096 – AGI for Business: The AGI Elephant Q3 Webinar; Developments that Shape the Future
10-Oct-2023TEVATeva BIO-MIX-2023 Annual Competition
04-Oct-2023EXTERNALZoomtopia EMEA Virtual 2023. 04..05-OCT-2023
01-Oct-2023VACATIONHolidays Vacation 1…7-Oct-2023


29-Sep-2023HOLIDAYSukkot 29…30-Sep-2023
24-Sep-2023HOLIDAYYom Kippur 24..25-Sep-2023
22-Sep-2023EXTERNALThe 8th IVF Worldwide Online Congress 22..23-Sep-2023
20-Sep-2023EXTERNALWIPO Conversation on Intellectual Property (IP) and Frontier Technologies: Eight Session. 20..21-Sep. Geneva, Hybrid
20-Sep-2023EXTERNALSpeech AI Day – A free digital event, hosted by NVIDIA
15-Sep-2023HOLIDAYRosh Hashana 15..17-Sep-2023
12-Sep-2023EXTERNALDELL Technologies Forum: Transform Ideas into Innovation Faster
07-Sep-2023COMEETCommunity BusTour at Babcom Centers, Migdal HaEmek: Technology & Society in the North
27-Aug-2023VACATIONSummer Vacation 27..31-Aug-2023
20-Aug-2023TESTSelf Learning Courses’ Test
08-Aug-2023EXTERNALNvidia at SIGGRAPH: Explore What’s Next in AI
1-Aug-2023EXTERNALHackeriot 2023: Women For Cyber, 01..03-Aug-2023 at Tel Aviv University
30-Jul-2023TESTSelf Learning Courses’ Test
20-Jul-2023EXTERNALKMGN Round Table: The Knowledge Aspect of Digital Transformation in the Age of AGI
11-Jul-2023COMMITDRSL094 – AGI for Business: The AGI Elephant Q2. Developments that Shape the Future
06-Jul-2023EXTERNALThe DigitalFuture Summit at ESMT Berlin, Germany
04-Jul-2023EXTERNALAI & Generative AI Summit, Raanana, Israel
03-Jul-2023COURSEDLC844 The Future of Digital Medicine – M10


25-Jun-2023TESTSelf Learning Courses’ Test DLC154, DLC155
19-Jun-2023COURSEDLC844 The Future of Digital Medicine – M8
16-Jun-2023COURSEDLC844 The Future of Dcommercialigital Medicine – M9
13-Jun-2023EXTERNALGoogle Cloud Summit: Security, EMEA
12-Jun-2023COURSEDLC844 The Future of Digital Medicine – M7
05-Jun-2023COURSEDLC844 The Future of Digital Medicine – M6
30-May-2023COMEETCommunity Meeting Q2 2023: On Human and Machine Learning, Theory, Practice, and Discussion
29-May-2023COURSEDLC844 The Future of Digital Medicine – M5
28-May-2023TESTSelf Learning Courses’ Test DLC154, DLC155
28-May-2023EXTERNALNVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang at COMPUTEX 2023


Shavuot 25..26-May-2023



Work Transformation Summit by Zoom

22-May-2023COURSEDLC844 The Future of Digital Medicine – M4
15-May-2023COURSEDLC844 The Future of Digital Medicine – M3
10-May-2023EXTERNALWhen the 21st Century challenge (Health) meets the 21st Century technology (AGI) – lecture w/Prof. Sivan. MedFemTech Congress, Paris, France (9..10-May)
08-May-2023COURSEDLC844 The Future of Digital Medicine – M2
04-May-2023EXTERNALWork/23: The Big Shift, free virtual summit with MIT Sloan Management Review (Live online)
01-May-2023COURSEDLC844 The Future of Digital Medicine – M1
30-Apr-2023TESTSelf Learning Courses’ Test DLC154, DLC155
26-Apr-2023HOLIDAYIsrael’s Independence Day
25-Apr-2023HOLIDAYIsrael’s Memorial Day
20-Apr-2023EXTERNALMusic Tech 2023, Ono Academic College
18-Apr-2023COMMEETDr. Adizes talk for Holocaust Day – Past and present
05-Apr-2023HOLIDAYPassover 05..12-Apr-2023



25-Sep-2022HOLIDAYRosh Hashanah 25-27-Sep-2022
20-Sep-2022TESTSelf Learning Courses’ Test
18-Sep-2022TESTSelf Learning Courses’ Test
15-Sep-2022TEVABio-Mix 2022 Annual Competition
21-Aug-2022COURSETest for DLC150065
11-Aug-2022COURSEDLC301065 M5
10-Aug-2022COURSEDLC301065 M2+M3+M4
26-Jul-2022TESTSelf Learning Courses’ Test
24-Jul-2022TESTSelf Learning Courses’ Test
12-Jul-2022COMEETCommunity Meeting “Towards a Global LLL Platform”
06-Jul-2022COURSEDigital Transformation Day


29-Jun-2022COURSEDLC145065 Tools and Case Studies – M6
28-Jun-2022LIVEDRL077: with David Chinn (McKinsey & Company)
22-Jun-2022COURSEDLC145065 Tools and Case Studies – M5
21-Jun-2022LIVEDRL076: with Amir Livne – Israel Electric Corporation (Hebrew)
15-Jun-2022COURSEDLC145065 Tools and Case Studies – M4
14-Jun-2022LIVEDRL075: with Ornit Shinar –  Cit Bank (Hebrew)
12-Jun-2022TESTSelf Learning Courses’ Test
08-Jun-2022COURSEDLC145065 Tools and Case Studies – M3
07-Jun-2022LIVEDRL074: with Noam Shomron – Tel Aviv University (Hebrew)
01-Jun-2022COURSEDLC145065 Tools and Case Studies – M2
31-May-2022LIVEDRL073: with Oded Salomy – Bank Of Israel (Hebrew)
25-May-2022COURSEDLC145065 Tools and Case Studies – M1
24-May-2022LIVEDRL072: with Udi Shamai – Hyper Food Robotics (Hebrew)
22-May-2022TESTSelf Learning Courses’ Test
17-May-2022LIVEDRL071: with Esti Peshin – Cyber Division at IAI (Hebrew)
11-May-2022COMEETMentors and Consultants – Round table – The Consulting Route
10-May-2022LIVEDRL070: with Sigal Regev Rosenberg – Meuhedet Health Services (Hebrew)
05-May-2022HOLIDAYIsrael’s Independence Day 
04-May-2022HOLIDAYIsrael’s Memorial Day
15-Apr-2022HOLIDAYPassover 15..22-Apr-2022
06-Apr-2022COURSE Webinar DigitalLeap15 – DLC145065


29-Mar-2021COMEETCommunity Bus Tour – Technoda & Open Valley (Hebrew)
22-Mar-2022COMEETUkraine – Russia 2022: The first Digital war (Hebrew)
20-Mar-2022TESTSelf Learning Courses’ Test
09-Mar-2022COURSEDLC144065 Harness the Digital Power – M6
01-Mar-2022LIVEDRL068 Community meeting – DRS 2nd Anniversary (Hebrew)
23-Feb-2022COURSEDLC144065 Harness the Digital Power – M5
22-Feb-2022LIVEDRL067: with Eran Harari – Teva (Hebrew)
16-Feb-2022COURSEDLC144065 Harness the Digital Power – M4
15-Feb-2022LIVEDRL066: with Doron Porat – Yotpo (Hebrew)
09-Feb-2022COURSEDLC144065 Harness the Digital Power – M3
08-Feb-2022LIVEDRL065: with Shira grinfeld – Maccabi Health care Services (Hebrew)
02-Feb-2022COURSEDLC144065 Harness the Digital Power – M2
26-Jan-2022COURSEDLC144065 Harness the Digital Power – M1
25-Jan-2022LIVEDRL064: with MIchal Halperin ben tzvi (Hebrew)
19-Jan-2022COURSEDLC144065 Harness the Digital Power – M0
18-Jan-2022LIVEDRL063: with Aviv Shapira – Xtend (Hebrew)
11-Jan-2022LIVEDRL062: with Ichak Adizes (Hebrew)
04-Jan-2022COMEETCommunity meeting (Hebrew) – 2022 Opening



28-Dec-2021LIVEDRL061: with Dror Bin – Israel Innovation Authority  (Hebrew)
23-Dec-2021TESTSelf Learning Courses’ Test
22-Dec-2021COURSEDLC147064 Digital Products & Services – the Journey – M6
21-Dec-2021LIVEDRL060: with Moriya Zisovitch – Government ICT Authority Israel  (Hebrew)
15-Dec-2021COURSEDLC147064 Digital Products & Services – the Journey – M5
14-Dec-2021LIVEDRL059: with Shachar Barlev – SAFRA – Digital Marketing (Hebrew)
07-Dec-2021LIVEDRL058: with Guy Hadari – Biogen (Hebrew)
24-Nov-2021COURSEDLC147064 Digital Products & Services – the Journey – M4
23-Nov-2021LIVEDRL057: with Tamir Bechor – CYMOTIVE Technologies (Hebrew)
17-Nov-2021COURSEDLC147064 Digital Products & Services – the Journey – M3
16-Nov-2021LIVEDRL056: with Harry Moseley – Zoom (Hebrew)
10-Nov-2021COURSEDLC147064 Digital Products & Services – the Journey – M2
03-Nov-2021COURSEDLC147064 Digital Products & Services – the Journey – M1
25-Oct-2021COMEETCommunity Bus Tour (Hebrew) – Israeli Police Academy


02-Sep-2021TESTSelf Learning Courses’ Test
25-Aug-2021COURSEDLC146064 Intro to Digital Governance – M6
18-Aug-2021COURSEDLC146064 Intro to Digital Governance – M5
11-Aug-2021COURSEDLC146064 Intro to Digital Governance – M4
21-Jul-2021COURSEDLC146064 Intro to Digital Governance – M3
14-Jul-2021COURSEDLC146064 Intro to Digital Governance – M2
07-Jul-2021COURSEDLC146064 Intro to Digital Governance – M1


29-Jun-2021COMEETDRL055 Community meeting (Hebrew)
16-Jun-2021COMEETCommunity Bus Tour – Tama (Hebrew)
15-Jun-2021LIVEDRL054: with Amnon mishor – Leadspace (Hebrew)
09-Jun-2021COURSEDLC145064 Tools and Case Studies – M6
08-Jun-2021COMEETCommunity meeting – Ethics and Digital (Hebrew)
01-Jun-2021LIVEDRL052: with Osnat Philip – Stratasys (Hebrew)
26-May-2021COURSEDLC145064 Tools and Case Studies – M5
25-May-2021LIVEDRL051: with Shira Lev-Ami – Impact Tech (Hebrew)
19-May-2021COURSEDLC145064 Tools and Case Studies – M4
18-May-2021LIVEDRL050: with Nati Amsterdam – Nvidia (Hebrew)
05-May-2021COURSEDLC145064 Tools and Case Studies – M3
04-May-2021LIVEDRL048: with Roee Friedman – Never Again VR (Hebrew)
28-Apr-2021COURSEDLC145064 Tools and Case Studies – M2
21-Apr-2021COURSEDLC145064 Tools and Case Studies – M1


Date Type Description
16-Mar-2021 COMEET DRL042 Community Event:  Tesla and other Digital Disruptions (Hebrew)
09-Mar-2021 COMEET DRL042 Career Event: Work Life Balance (Hebrew)
10-Mar-2021 COURSE DLC144064 – Digital Leadership Course (Intro) –  M6
24-Feb-2021 COURSE DLC144064 – Digital Leadership Course (Intro) –  M5
17-Feb-2021 COURSE DLC144064 – Digital Leadership Course (Intro) –  M4
16-Feb-2021 LIVE DRL039: with Michal Ron Gavish – Polycad (Hebrew)
10-Feb-2021 COURSE DLC144064 – Digital Leadership Course (Intro) –  M3
09-Feb-2021 LIVE DRL038: with Assaf Avrahami – Hashavshevet (Hebrew)
02-Feb-2021 LIVE DRL037: with Esti Peshin – Cyber Division at IAI (Hebrew)
27-Jan-2021 COURSE DLC144064 – Digital Leadership Course (Intro) –  M2
20-Jan-2021 COURSE DLC144064 – Digital Leadership Course (Intro) –  M1
19-Jan-2021 LIVE DRL036: with Yossi Chamo – I8 Ventures (Hebrew)
12-Jan-2021 LIVE DRL035: with Tomer Simon- Microsoft (Hebrew)
05-Jan-2021 LIVE DRL034: with Nachman Ash & Dorit Shweiki (Hebrew)



22-Sep-2020LIVEDRL021: The Emerging World of Work: Digital Transformation at Femi Premium with Etel Molcho, CEO, and Evrit Book Store: From Digital to Physical and Back, with Guy Ben-Nun, CEO (Hebrew) Ant series
15-Sep-2020LIVEDRL020: The Emerging World of Work: Yotpo – digital native, with Yoav Aziz, VP Marketing & Growth (Hebrew) Ant series
08-Sep-2020LIVEDRL019: The Emerging World of Work: The Digital Workplace with Ari Nadin, Avanade – Singapoure (English), and Lubinski Digital Transformation case study, with Gadi Gilon, CIO  (Hebrew) Ant series
25-Aug-2020LIVEDRL017: Riding The Wave: BrainPOP with Dr. Avraham Kadar, Founder & Chair, and Scott Kirkpatrick, CEO at BrainPOP (English & Hebrew) Dolphin series
18-Aug-2020LIVEDRL016: Riding The Wave: Maccabi Healthcare Services with Toni Cohen, MaccabiDent CEO (Hebrew) Dolphin series
11-Aug-2020LIVEDRL015: Riding The Wave: Shufersal with Itzik Abercohen (Hebrew) Dolphin series
04-Aug-2020COMEETCommunity Meeting: Riding the Wave: Updates at the 2nd Normal (Hebrew)
28-Jul-2020LIVEDRL013: Learning From The World: Classical Europe with Key Challenges Of Europe 2020, With Antonio Espana, Accenture EU (English & Hebrew) Dragon series
21-Jul-2020LIVEDRL012: Learning From The World: Shenzhen & the Mysterious China with Prof. Michael Zhang from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and Tal Galon, director of the Israel Center for Innovation at the Liger Group in HK (English) Dragon series
14-Jul-2020LIVEDRL011: Learning From The World: USA with Dan Feld, Google (Hebrew) Dragon series
07-Jul-2020COMEETCommunity Meeting: Learning From The World (Hebrew)