About MindLi

About MindLi

In a world dominated by short and quick updates, soundbites, fake news, and so many notifications bombarding us all the time, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and find it hard to think things through. MindLi is a solution to this challenge.

MindLi is your thinking copilot, helping you to structure your thinking and turn knowledge into action, thus having a great societal value. 

MindLi centers around two key components: Sparks and Boxes, and 5 Modes of thinking: Plan, Capture, Connect, Create, and Evaluate. Sparks are “nuggets” of knowledge you Capture from the web or any iOS platform and Connect with your Boxes – your digital storage spaces, organized in the way you Plan.

MindLi is the one place for all the information you wish to keep to serve your goals – develop new ideas, work on projects & plan from all sources. 

Visit MindLi.com to learn more.

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MindLi is available for iOS devices: iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Download from the App Store.

MindLi extension enables capturing Sparks from a desktop. Also applicable for Microsoft Edge.

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