DLC518: AGI Fundamentals for Business


Practical Tools



Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) is an artificial intelligence that is capable of understanding or learning intellectual task that a human being can. ChatGPT caught the attention of the world, gained more than a million uses in 5 days, since then keep spreading fast, and become a main subject everywhere.
ChatGPT is only one of many AGI tools that are being developed all over the world. The big Tech players competes with each other on the next headline with the tools they offer and their increasing capabilities.

Because of the centrality of the subject, DigitalRosh dedicated its 2023 year opening event to AGI, and went deeper into the issue with a detailed and practical webinar called “Real-World AGI for Business”. 

In this course, we packaged Prof Yesha Sivan’s speech from the said webinar, that took place on 31-Jan-2023.

The course contains 3 parts:

The Context – The AGI Elephant
Review of the leading AGI tools (Jan-2023)
Tips That Teach Us – how these tools can be applied to our everyday work, providing practical examples.


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