DLC518: AGI Fundamentals for Business


OPEN-AI’s announcement of ChatGPT in November 2022, and its subsequent availability to the public, unveiled a remarkable technological system known as Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)*.

Almost instantly, millions of people worldwide embarked on experimenting with the new AI tools. Most of the focus was on generative artificial intelligence, such as writing and drawing, which are just specific examples of AGI. However, it’s important to realize that AGI has a wider range of applications beyond these specific cases.

The rivalry among Big Tech companies like Microsoft, Google, Meta, and others is intense, with numerous other companies also vying in the race. The rate of progress is substantial and moving at a rapid pace.

The complete potential of AGI tools, both in terms of improving the world and their potential for harm, remains largely unexplored. However, what is certain is that everyone needs to grasp the fundamentals, as these tools are here to stay and are already reshaping the world.

The course starts with a lecture delivered by Prof. Sivan in late January 2023 (“The AGI elephant”). In this lecture, Prof. Sivan provides insights into the context of AGI from technological, managerial, and societal perspectives. He covers essential tools and offers teaching examples to illustrate key concepts.

The course includes five lessons:

  1. The Context– the theory and background needed to grasp the various dimensions of AGI.
  2. AGI Tools — specific tools that demonstrate the power of AGI.
  3. Tips That Teach Us — cases, examples, and ideas that highlight various aspects of AGI.
  4. Dive Deeper — more technical and deeper discussion on various issues.
  5. Updates — where we add/modify resources to reflect the latest developments (items from Updates go into the previous lessons).

You are invited to explore the world of AGI and enhance your understanding.

*AGI, or Artificial General Intelligence, is a subfield of AI that focuses on creating machines that can perform a wide range of human-like intellectual tasks, unlike narrow AI designed to perform specific tasks.

Course Content

Course Content

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