Registration for Community Meeting 30-MAY-2023

On Tuesday 30-May 18:00-20:00 IL time we will hold our periodic community meeting – On Human and Machine Learning. Alongside the main subject, we will have our usual DigitalRosh updates and an open discussion.

The community meeting is open to all DigitalRosh members. It is an opportunity to meet (over zoom) learn about new stuff in DigitalRosh, share your ideas, and learn from others. , free of charge, however, you do need to register.  

The meeting will start at 18:00 in the form of a webinar in which everyone is a panelist – can be seen and can be heard. 

The meeting is intended for my close Digitalrosh friends who know and cherish the topic of LLL Life Long Learning

It will be held in English and led by Prof. David Perkins from Harvard and Prof. Yesha Sivan

The purpose of the meeting is to think together, and form a think tank, on the subject of learning in the age of AGI which (as most of you already know) is our ultimate goal.

The Meeting Agenda is:

18:05-18:20 Introduction with Yesha Sivan & David Perkins 
18:20-19:00 On Learning “Survey” 
19:00-19:10 Break☕
19:10-19:30 Reflections
19:30-19:40 Outcome — Presenting the outcome
19:40-19:55 Review — David Perkins & Yesha Sivan 
19:55-20:00 Conclusion — Closing next steps

Closer to the event – 1 day before the meeting and 1 hour before it starts – you will receive your personal link from Zoom to your e-mail address.

Looking forward to seeing you. 

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