Leadership CONNECT: 16-Jun-2024 (Y24W25)

This Week in Leadership CONNECT:

  1. Interview: Will AI replace DBAs too? Yes, If You Ask Oracle (Acceleration Economy)
  2. Competition: Google’s XPRIZE Quantum Applications Competition (Google)
  3. Concept: Prof. Perkins On Thinking in a World of Information, Opinion, and Spin (NLL)
  4. Course: Cultural Impact of GenAI (Acceleration Economy)
  5. MindLi Update: MindLi LinkedIn Groups (Your Thinking Co-Pilot)

Prof. Yesha Sivan and the MindLi Team

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1. Interview: Will AI replace DBAs too? Yes, If You Ask Oracle (Acceleration Economy)

Oracle is ranked as the world’s largest database management company. Under the leadership of Safra Catz Oracle is integrating AI into its products and services, driving the company’s transformation.

Oracle’s strategy has two main components.

  • Encouraging enterprise software customers to move from proprietary data centers to the cloud and building a cloud-computing business.
  • Integrating AI and machine learning (ML) across its extensive product line.

Here are some of Oracle’s advancements in AI:

  • Fusion Cloud ERP: ML tools automate numerous reporting and reconciliation tasks, reducing the time to close books from weeks to days.
  • Customer Experience (CX) Applications: Built with embedded AI, these applications automate and integrate marketing with sales to generate better leads.
  • Autonomous Cloud: By making Oracle Cloud autonomous, the company aims to replace the need for Database Administrators (DBAs) to eliminate human errors.
  • Enhanced Cloud Infrastructure: Improvements in cloud infrastructure focus on boosting performance and security.

These initiatives highlight Oracle’s commitment to helping its business customers operate more efficiently, intelligently, and effectively.

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2. Competition: XPRIZE Quantum Applications Competition (Google)

The XPRIZE Quantum Applications is a global, 3-year competition with a $5 million prize, launched by Google Quantum AI, Google.org, XPRIZE, and the Geneva Science and Diplomacy Anticipator (GESDA).

It aims to develop quantum computing algorithms that address real-world challenges, particularly those aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Researchers and innovators from diverse backgrounds can participate by proposing socially beneficial applications for quantum computing and demonstrating the potential impact and feasibility of their algorithms.

The competition will reward teams that make significant advancements in quantum algorithms with monetary prizes and recognition, fostering a collaborative effort to harness quantum technology for societal good.

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3. Concept: Prof. Perkins On Thinking in a World of Information, Opinion, and Spin (NLL)

On November 2, 2022, the Next Level Lab hosted a presentation by David Perkins, Professor Emeritus at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and a founding member of Harvard Project Zero, entitled SURFING ON QUICKSAND: Navigating a World of Information, Opinion, and Spin.

Prof. Perkins conducts research on creativity in the arts and sciences, informal reasoning, problem-solving, understanding, individual and organizational learning, and the teaching of thinking skills.

Prof. Perkins’s observations are very relevant to our time and hence brought here from our vault.

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4. Course: Cultural Impact of GenAI (Acceleration Economy)

Join this free 60-minute executive course by Acceleration Economy, exploring the essential cultural adaptations companies need in the age of Generative AI.

This course includes a discussion and slides based on a university lecture from Q4 2023, highlighting the opportunities and risks GenAI poses to company culture.

Discover the key roles driving cultural change in your business, learn how to use GenAI to reinvent business models, and understand the consequences of ignoring or adopting the GenAI revolution.

Presented by John Siefert, CEO of Acceleration Economy, and Bob Evans, founder and co-founder of Cloud Wars, this course is suggested for forward-thinking executives.

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