DigitalRosh CONNECT: 03-Dec-2023 (Y23W49)

This week in CONNECT: 

  1. Lecture: Two Paths to Intelligence by Geoffrey Hinton

  2. Guide: How to Structure a Product-Led Organization

  3. Opinion: Digital Life & Superalignment by Ilya Sutskever

  4. AI Tools: Adobe Liquid Mode

  5. Events: 06-DEC-2023 EU – Webinar: IP and Artificial Intelligence – Advanced; 12-DEC-2023 The Role of Artificial Intelligence in the Insights Industry

  6. Jobs: iOS/Web Dev Lead at MindLi, Cyber Leader at Consist, and more.

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1. Lecture: Two Paths to Intelligence by Geoffrey Hinton

Geoffrey Hinton, known as the “Godfather of AI,” has taken a prominent stand on the potential hazards of AI technology, making waves with his departure from Google. Departing from his earlier optimism in 2014, Hinton voices deep concerns about the unchecked progression of AI, suggesting a looming possibility of it surpassing human intelligence within the next two decades.

Emphasizing the advanced language understanding capabilities of large language models like OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Hinton contends that these models could rapidly outstrip individual human brains in knowledge accumulation. Hinton lectures about the contrasts between digital and analog computation for intelligence. Advocating for abandoning the software-hardware divide, he explores low-power analog computation, acknowledging its mortality tied to hardware lifespan.

Digital computation’s knowledge-sharing efficiency and scalability lead Hinton to believe large-scale systems may soon outpace biological intelligence. This lecture, organized by The Centre for the Study of Existential Risk, explores these paths, illuminating the evolving landscape of artificial and biological computation.

Watch the full lecture on DigitalRosh.

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2. Guide: How to Structure a Product-Led Organization

In a 13-minute video, Klipfolio CEO Allan Wille explains that beyond user acquisition, the product-led strategy should also be used in every department within your company to leverage the values behind the product.

One of the hardest (and most critical) parts of transitioning from sales-led to product-led is achieving cross-departmental collaboration. In the same way, a product is a primary way to expand and retain users it should also be leveraged in each department to achieve product-led success.

Key takeaways from this video:

  • How expectations of the consumer are shifting for products
  • The importance of investing in quality cross-functional data
  • How to hire people that will help you succeed
  • Finding success with user engagement
    Achieving Cross-Collaboration

See the full video on DigitalRosh.

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3. Opinion: Digital Life & Superalignment by Ilya Sutskever

Ilya Sutskever, Co-Founder and Chief Scientist at OpenAI joins No Priors podcasts to discuss the origins of OpenAI as a capped profit company, early emergent behaviors of GPT models, the token scarcity issue, the next frontiers of AI research, his argument for working on AI safety now, and the premise of Superalignment. Plus, how do we define digital life?

AI superalignment is a term coined by OpenAI to describe the problem of ensuring that AI systems, much smarter than humans, follow human intent. It is a research area aiming to develop new techniques and methods for aligning superintelligent AI with human values and goals and preventing it from causing harm or taking over.

According to OpenAI, superintelligence is a type of AI with greater than human levels of intelligence, including reasoning capabilities. Such AI could potentially solve many of the world’s most important problems but also pose a serious threat to humanity if it is misaligned or rogue.

Watch the full video on DigitalRosh.

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4. AI Tools: Adobe Liquid Mode

Viewing PDFs on large screens is a breeze, but for the countless individuals attempting to access official documents or fill out forms on mobile devices, the experience often involves frustrating pinching and zooming.

Recognizing this challenge, Adobe, the creator of the PDF, introduces an innovative solution. Liquid Mode, seamlessly integrated into Acrobat Reader software, employs AI algorithms to dynamically resize PDFs according to the device, eliminating the need for manual adjustments.

This feature also facilitates font resizing and enhances search capabilities. “Initially, we flirted with the idea of an all-new format,” says Phil Ydens, fellow and Vice President of Adobe Document Cloud, “but quickly concluded that PDF was too ubiquitous and important. That’s worth solving the right way.”

Learn more on DigitalRosh.

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5. Events:

06-DEC-2023 EU – Webinar: IP and Artificial Intelligence – Advanced

The objective of this webinar is to better understand the IP landscape for innovations in artificial intelligence and to identify valuable Intellectual Property and how to get protection internationally.

This webinar will include topics such as:

  • A review of the latest EPO decisions on the protection of AI inventions such as computer programs and disclosure requirements
  • The contrast of European practice with patent protection in relation to Chinese and US Patent Offices
  • Who are the “inventors” in an AI invention?
  • Protection of data and data structures
  • Interaction between requirements of robust, verifiable, and explainable AI, open data requirements, and intellectual property
  • Protection of AI as a trade secret

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12-DEC-2023: The Role of Artificial Intelligence in the Insights Industry

In a series of lunch sessions, Reineke Reitsma will explain and explore how AI can support and change your role. Learn about its potential to transform the market research process, from qualitative interviews to advanced data analytics. Will AI augment human understanding or become a barrier?

The first session on December 12th will focus on the evolution of AI in market research and cover topics like ideation, data analyses, and synthetic users.

Register here.

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6. Jobs Board: iOS/Web Dev Lead at MindLi, Cyber Leader at Consist, and more.

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