DigitalRosh CONNECT: 27-NOV-2022 (Y22W48)

In this week’s DigitalRosh CONNECT you will find: 
  1. Digital Health: Creating a More Diverse Future for Health (McKinsey Podcast)
  2. Big Tech: Amazon’s Ambition to Provide the World with Broadband Access (Amazon)
  3. Learning: Cultures of Thinking (Harvard)
  4. LIVE: Weaving AI With Merav Ash (DigitalRosh)
  5. CORPUS: The World of Medicine in DigitalRosh – Our Top 5 Items on Digital Health (DigitalRosh)
  6. Person of the Week: Gila Tolub, Co-Leader of the Health Tech Network, McKinsey
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 (1) DigitalRosh > Corpus > Industries > Health Systems
Digital Health: Creating a More Diverse Future for Health (McKinsey Healthcare Podcast)

In this episode of the McKinsey on Healthcare podcast, Anne Klibanski, president and CEO of Mass General Brigham, a Boston-based integrated healthcare system, talks to McKinsey senior partner Pooja Kumar about her journey from practitioner to leader.

Anne, now a leader of one of the largest US healthcare systems, is recognized internationally for her high-impact research in neuroendocrine disorders and pituitary tumors and has been described as “a trailblazing woman leader in healthcare.”

In this discussion, Anne and Pooja cover topics ranging from why patients need integrated healthcare systems to the clear benefits of diverse teams.

(2) DigitalRosh > Corpus > Industries > Big Tech
Big Tech: Amazon’s Ambition to Provide the World with Broadband Access (Amazon)

Amazon is set to launch its first two satellites into space early next year with the goal of providing easy access to broadband anywhere in the world. Dave Limp, senior vice president of devices and services at Amazon, speaks to Washington Post space reporter Christian Davenport about his company’s satellite internet technology and ambitions in space.

Limp talks about launching satellites with SpaceX, manufacturing satellites, the connection with governments in order to help national security, the space economy, and much more.

(3) DigitalRosh > Corpus > Cross-Industry > Learning                                                      Learning: Cultures of Thinking (Harvard)

One of Harvard Project Zero projects “Cultures of Thinking” focuses on the eight cultural forces present in every group learning situation which act as shapers of the group’s cultural dynamic and consist of language, time, environment, opportunities, routines, modeling, interactions, and expectations.
Paying attention to how these eight forces send messages about what learning is, what kind of thinking is valued, and what it means to be smart, reshape learning environments in which students can achieve at the highest levels.

CoT’s messages on thinking as part the learning process are:

  1. Learning is a product of thinking.
  2. Learning and thinking are as much a collective enterprise as they are an individual endeavor.
  3. Learning occurs at the point of challenge.
  4. Our learning is often provisional and frequently changes with time.
  5. Learning is an active process and involves getting personally involved.
  6. Questions not only drive learning but also are outcomes of learning as well.

The CoT initiative considers education to be a social and cultural endeavor whose goal is the development of both the individual and the group as effective learners and thinkers able to engage with and adapt to a changing world.

(4) DigitalRosh > Community > DigitalRosh LIVE – Weaving Digital (22Q4) 
LIVE: Weaving AI With Merav Ash (DigitalRosh)

On November 22, 2022, DigitalRosh held the second webinar in its DigitalRosh LIVE, Weaving Digital series, hosting Merav Ash, Head of EMEA ML Business Development at Amazon Web Services.

DigitalRosh PRO members can access a complete recording of the LIVE event, the webinar with Merav Ash, and the subsequent discussion.

(5) DigitalRosh > Corpus > Industries > Medicine
CORPUS: The World of Medicine in DigitalRosh – Our Top 5 Items on Digital Health (DigitalRosh)

The DigitalRosh CORPUS contains an abundance of articles and learning materials dedicated to the various facets of digital technology, strategy, culture, and more. One of the fields we place special emphasis on is Medicine and Digital Health – here are the top 5 items we think you should read:

1. Amazon has long strived to enter the medical field. While its previous acquisition of medical businesses didn’t prove successful, the recent purchase of One Medical, a network of primary care clinics, may hint about its future moves. Together with purchasing One Medical, Amazon shut down its telehealth service, Amazon Care, only to clear the field for a new telehealth platform it’s launching these days.

2. A recent report by the Silicon Valley Bank indicates the current trends of VC investments in health tech startups. It seems that VC investments shifted to earlier stages in 2022 and that demand for mental health innovation is soaring… a possible outcome of the COVID-19 pandemic?

3. While still haven’t transitioned from academic research to industrial applications, health digital twins are certainly something every digital leader in healthcare should be aware of. When properly developed, HDTs can be used to model different conditions and perturbations safely to assess their possible outcomes on the physical twin – the human being.

4. The Age of AI is an eight-episode American science documentary streaming television series narrated and hosted by American actor Robert Downey Jr. In the episode dedicated to AI applications in healthcare, the vast potential of AI in diagnosis and healing is described.

5. One such application of AI was developed by researchers from Tohoku University in Japan, allowing them to segment eye images taken by a mobile device to detect not only ophthalmic but also cardiovascular and neurological conditions.

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Person of the Week: Gila Tolub, Co-leader of Health Tech Network, McKinsey

Gila Tolub joined McKinsey’s Tel Aviv office after six years in the firm’s Chicago office. Passionate about healthcare and its role in benefiting society, Gila’s work is focused on healthcare innovation. She serves players across the value chain: public health organizations, pharmacy chains, hospitals, big pharma, medical devices manufacturers, VC and PE firms. She also serves biotech, health tech, and digital health startups when they are at major inflection points in their growth.

Gila leads the Israeli chapter of McKinsey’s Global Health Tech Network, a network of more than 1000 healthcare startups globally. Gila is also the partner sponsor for McKinsey’s pro bono work in Israel and the dean of McKinsey’s executive-transition master classes in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, which have supported more than 150 executives transitioning to new roles, many in new sectors and geographies.

Prior to joining McKinsey, Gila spent two years turning round a struggling non-profit organization and five years as a training and change-management consultant serving clients across industries. She and her husband live in Modiin, Israel, with their four children aged two to 17.

Gila Tolub will be a guest at DigitalRosh LIVE Weaving Digital series on November 28, 2022.

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