The following items are related to Teva, our partner in the BIO-MIX project, as well as the fields of medical innovation and entrepreneurship, including biotech, Biomed, and more. 

Bio-Mix is an entrepreneurial program created by Teva in collaboration with DigitalRosh, as part of Teva’s National Biotechnology Innovation Forum. Doctoral students and post-doctoral students from leading universities in Israel participate in the program and it is being held for the third year in a row. More than 100 male and female students participated in it.
The purpose of the program is to connect the laboratory and research to “real life” and to bridge the gap between an innovative idea from the field of medicine and biotechnology and a product or drug on the market. 

Dr. Dana Bar-On

Senior director, director of academic relations, global research and development at Teva

BIO-MIX & Teva

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Can AI Diagnose What Doctors Miss?

Dr. Eric Topol, cardiologist, demonstrates how AI is revolutionizing medicine by interpreting images and surpassing diagnoses by doctors.