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Sonio, led by CEO Cécile Brosset Dubois, uses AI for safer fetal ultrasounds. FDA-cleared, set to enter the US market in 2024, improving global healthcare access.
Discover BakeryScan, an AI system transforming bakery operations with visual recognition. From automating checkouts to cancer cell identification.
This podcast's talks with scientists delve into advancements reshaping healthcare, and exploring the synergy of biology, AI, and technology.
Daphne Koller discusses AI's transformative role in drug discovery, bridging the gap between biology and machine learning for impactful innovations.
In 2024, health tech trends include AI integration amid safety concerns, industry consolidation, and the rise of AR/VR in healthcare applications.
Dr. Eric Topol, cardiologist, demonstrates how AI is revolutionizing medicine by interpreting images and surpassing diagnoses by doctors.
GlobalData's AI in pharma report tracks trends, forecasts market opportunities, and assesses the competitive landscape & latest insights.
Abstractive Health revolutionizes healthcare with AI-driven EHR summarization, easing clinician burdens and fostering patient-centered care.
The most important facts and numbers for the prediction period up to 2031 summarized from the full report's 85 Pages and Tables.
An overview of various AI-based approaches utilized in pharmaceutical technology, highlighting their benefits, prospects, and drawbacks.