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Here you can find lectures, articles and articles by Accenture, one of the largest consulting companies in the world and a partner in establishing a digital community through Accenture Israel. In the series “Corona according to Accenture” (see below) we collected some of Accenture’s research and insights on the Corona crisis.

Eyal Farkash began his journey about 25 years ago in the development of analog and digital hardware, and later engaged in the development of software, algorithms and system architecture.
Expert in video compression, partner in the development of two international standards (MPEG4 and HEVC) and wrote several patents in the field of data encryption, video transmission, copy detection and digital signature.
As part of his role, Eyal assists in the planning and implementation of advanced digital platforms, machine learning and AI systems, transition to the cloud, digital twin, and more.
Member of IEEE, certified MBA in business administration, MA in logistics from Bar-Ilan University and specialization in data science from the Technion.

Eyal Farkash

Accenture Israel

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Corona according to Accenture

The corona epidemic is a fertile ground for studies, analyses, surveys and theories that try to measure and explain the various phenomena that accompany the biggest health, economic and social crisis in recent decades. Here you can find some of Accenture’s research and insights, which are intended to help the organization deal with the Corona crisis in a variety of aspects.

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