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Hina Dixit
On this episode of the podcast, Hina Dixit (venture capitalist & software engineering leader) shares the criteria she considers when making investments in new entrepreneurial ventures.
AI - AGI, Podcast, Me Myself and AI
Dr. Ichak Adizes personal story reveals the enduring human ability to turn possibility into reality. Including a review by Prof. Yesha Sivan
Library, Recommended Books, Books, E: Aspiring Leaders, Inspiration
Shelia Anderson
Shelia shares how using AI and ML to automate routine insurance claims frees up staff members to spend more time serving customers and processing more complex claims.
Podcast, Insurance, Learning, Me Myself and AI
On Human and Machine Learning
In our community meeting held on 30-May-2023 Prof. Yesha Sivan and Prof. David Perkins delved into the essential aspects of learning in the Age of AGI.
Videos, Learning, COMEET (Community Meetings)
Sundar Pichai
In this episode of How I Built This Lab, Sundar reflects on the unique journey that led him to Google, and the values that inspire and drive his leadership today
Podcast, HIBT
Prof. John Searle talk hosted by "Talks at Google" discusses the philosophy of mind and the potential for consciousness in AI
AI - AGI, Videos, C: CXO (VPs-CIOs), CIOs, Ethics
Sal Khan
Sal Khan, the founder and CEO of Khan Academy, thinks artificial intelligence could spark the greatest positive transformation education has ever seen. In his lecture he explains how.
AI - AGI, Videos, Learning
i24News anchor Jacob Eilon interviews Professor Yesha Sivan on the potential influences of AI on the Middle East.
AI - AGI, Videos, Future of Digital, Israel
Genomic Data Analysis
This session will enable students to get a comprehensive understanding to analyze and interpret data generated by modern genomics technology.
Data, Videos, Healthcare, Genomics
I/O 2023
I/O 2023, the anticipated annual developer conference hosted by Google, is a definitive event where cutting-edge technological innovations take center stage. we have meticulously curated a comprehensive compilation of the most noteworthy highlights that you simply can't miss.
Videos, Big Tech, Future of Digital, USA

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