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Corporate and digital topic on the DigitalRosh website It was established on the initiative of community member Dr. Yuval Dror, an organizational development consultant, lecturer and researcher in a variety of areas of people’s and organizations’ behavior. Since 1980 he has served as an organizational consultant, first in the IDF – from which he was released with the rank of lieutenant colonel after a 16-year career in various consulting positions, then as a managing partner in an organizational consulting company, and in recent years as an independent consultant. The areas of focus in consulting are strategic processes and multi-participant planning processes, organizational culture change processes, organizational learning and ethics in business.

As a lecturer, he served for a short period as a lecturer at “Baruch College” at the City University of New York and then for several years as a lecturer in the master’s degree program for consulting and organizational development in the academic track at the College of Administration and the Faculty of Management at Tel Aviv University.

Dr. Yuval Dror

Organizational development consultant

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