Leading the security subject

The issue of security in Corpus DigitalRosh was established at the initiative of community member Major Or Bar, editor-in-chief and researcher at the Dado Center, it is a collaboration between “Bin Hakatevim” – the IDF’s journal for military transformation and the art of campaign, published at the Dado Center for Interdisciplinary Military Thinking – and DigitalRosh.

The journal “”Bin Hakatevim” seeks to contribute to the development of knowledge in the IDF about new and emerging phenomena that affect our environment, and about the tensions and relationships that define the strategic system and the operative occupation, through a series of studies on these phenomena and tensions. Among the authors are senior officials of the IDF and the defense industries, Senior officials in the economy and in the digital, cyber and military transformation processes in the IDF.

As part of the collaboration with DigitalRosh, “Bin Hakatevim” brings to fruition the meeting between the military world and the digital transformation process required by the IDF and civilian industry. The cooperation seeks to continue and maintain mutual fertilization that will lead to a breakthrough in both poles.

“Security” and “Digital” are a blessed platform, where we share articles and research accumulated over the years at the Dado Center. We will be happy to hear and receive feedback, develop a dialogue and develop from the networking that will naturally be created here.


לחיצה על פרטי הקשר של ניר תפתח חלון חדש של וואטסאפ שיחבר אותך אלינו ישירות.