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Anders Sjögren, a senior technical leader at Volvo Cars, talks strategy and innovation in data, analytics, and AI implementation areas.
Trucknet optimizes fleets with a bidding system, reducing CO2 emissions, offering comprehensive logistics via advanced AI-driven technology.
Waabi, under Raquel Urtasun's leadership, are transforming autonomous driving systems utilizing generative AI & advanced AI simulations.
AI fighter jets
The US Air Force has been conducting tests on AI systems for fighter jets, using a training aircraft called VISTA, developed by Lockheed Martin Skunk Works and Calspan.
This article by forbes delves into the 3 Avoidable Digital Strategy Errors that got Volkswagen to fire its C-Suite executives.
Developing organizational resilience not only helps automotive and mobility companies manage and overcome the challenges they face but also drives a competitive advantage.
autonomous driving
In an interview at the M30 Mobility Summit, Cepton’s Hull Xu shares his views on the latest developments in mobility and autonomous driving
Omer David Keilaf & Amir Day from Innoviz Technologies, lecture about Concepts in Deep learning for Autonomous Driving
McKinsey breaks down their perspective on four key segments of shared mobility: hailed mobility, car sharing, shared micromobility, & urban aerial mobility
The Metaverse: Driving Value in the Mobility Sector
Although a fully immersive metaverse remains years away, mobility stakeholders can already capture real business value from enabling it.