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This report shows AI implementations that improved efficiency and decision-making, team morale, collaboration and learning
AI, , Strategy
Tera Allas, Director of Research and Economics at McKinsey in a keynote speech at DigitalRosh LIVE on 7-Mar-2023 about Digital technology and productivity: implications for Israel’s prosperity
Case Studies, , Future of Work, Israel, EU (European Union), Women Leaders Collection
An eye-opening report features 5 trends affecting our lives now and will alter the machine & humans balance. With AI-generated illustrations
B: CEOs, , Strategy, Future of Work, Accenture classics
DW News Special talks with experts on ChatGPT AI chatbot disruption. Could it also transform the jobs of hundreds of millions of people?
AI, Videos, , Future of Digital, Future of Work, Red Path (Digital Fails)
Artificial intelligence is transforming our world — it is on all of us to make sure that it goes well (Our World in Data)
AI, Data, , Ethics
A discussion on how YouTube views its mission and responsibilities in the information ecosystem and the global digital regulatory efforts.
Technologies, B: CEOs, Big Tech, , Women Leaders Collection
Fundamental principles, approaches and actionable steps in advocating for and integrating gender into the policy development process.
Technologies, , Ethics, Sustainability
Social Commerce
Welcome to the dynamic world of social commerce, where consumers explore products and complete transactions through social media and content creation platforms, all in an app.
, Future of Digital
A humoristic collection of "then" and "now" images, comparing the changes that have influenced our lives and our cultural behavior.
, Digital Culture, Pearls, Humor
In today's era, meetings on online platforms are something that is known to almost everyone, a short and entertaining video demonstrates in a great way 10 rules that should be avoided and that should be adopted when it comes to these meetings.
, Tips and Recommendations

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