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Henry Kissinger, Eric Schmidt, & Daniel Huttenlocher explore AI, the way it is transforming human society, and what it means for us all.
AI - AGI, Books, Recommended Books,
Read about how Threads, Instagram's rival to Twitter, became the most rapidly downloaded app ever, and how its success raised Twitter's ire.
Big Tech,
Dr. Kira Radinsky, Scientist, Inventor, & Entrepreneur, at the World Zionist Organization 125th anniversary of the 1st congress. Basel 2022
B: CEOs, Healthcare, Innovation, Israel, , Videos
Rest-of-the-World survey: Millions of non-native English speakers are stuck using the web in a language they were born into.
Future of Digital, Learning,
Social Media
In this video, Sabine looks at what scientific studies have found about the effect of Social Media and what we can learn from that.
Red Path (Digital Fails), Sabine Hossenfelder Collection, , Videos
Israel Innovation Authority and SNPI Policy Institute publish the 2022-2023 Human Capital Report update for the Israeli high-tech sector
B: CEOs, Government, Israel, People,
The Midjourney subReddit is flooded with images of historical events that had never happened, showing AI’s disruptive power
AI - AGI, Ethics, Red Path (Digital Fails),
This report shows AI implementations that improved efficiency and decision-making, team morale, collaboration and learning
AI - AGI, , Strategy
Tera Allas, Director of Research and Economics at McKinsey in a keynote speech at DigitalRosh LIVE on 7-Mar-2023 about Digital technology and productivity: implications for Israel’s prosperity
Case Studies, EU (European Union), Future of Work, Israel, , Women Leaders Collection
An eye-opening report features 5 trends affecting our lives now and will alter the machine & humans balance. With AI-generated illustrations
Accenture classics, B: CEOs, Future of Work, , Strategy