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Our brain is plastic and the neural connections regenerate as we learn, experience, and adapt. Prof. Korzi from the University of Cambridge leads a European project called "Adaptive Brain Computations" to test how learning occurs. Other researchers even point to learning as one of the factors that may delay dementia.
Learning, Neuroscience
Unveils a theory of intelligence that will revolutionize our understanding of the brain and the future of AI with Bill Gates's recommendation
AI - AGI, Books, E: Aspiring Leaders, Learning, Library, Neuroscience, Recommended Books
The guests and moderators of the program answer questions from the participants and refer to the insights that came up in the previous hour, about the effects of the change: positive and negative elements in the sudden closure situation, short change actions with a long-term effect, promoting critical thinking versus flattening and fake news, data-science and psychology, personal adjustment ( customization), the effects of isolation for better or for worse, and more.
Healthcare, Neuroscience
Prof. Tom Shinberg from the Segol School of Neuroscience at Tel Aviv University is a brain, behavior and decision-making researcher. He shares with us studies that are designed to understand and explain the brain basis of behavior, what happens to us when we try to change behavior and how it relates to decision making.
Healthcare, Neuroscience