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Prof. Varda Shalev is discussing her work in using data and artificial intelligence to predict and diagnose medical conditions (April 2019)
Digital Health uk
The OHE summarise the Digital Health Landscape in the UK. They included areas of regulation, value assessment & reimbursement, & efforts to increase the digital literacy of the general population & the health workforce
Healthcare in 2033
Mark Coticchia, Innovation, Technology Commercialization, and Venture Development Leader, share his predictions for Healthcare in 2033
Gila Tolub in DigitalRosh Live, talks about equity vs. equality and how innovation can promote health equity for everyone.
A conversation about leadership, visions for a future of integrated healthcare systems, and the clear benefits of more diverse teams.
Connected Healthcare
Connected healthcare has the potential to improve the quality of life for patients and clinicians alike. With greater access to data, providers have the opportunity to take a more holistic approach to care.
In July 2022, Amazon purchased One Medical, a national chain of primary care clinics for $4 billion. The purchase opens vast databases to Amazon and raises competitive concerns both by civil bodies and by the government.
The worlds of medicine and health are undergoing accelerated change processes. The Forum for National Challenges presents an integrative model based on six intertwined goals: human capital, physical infrastructure, organizational, economic, service, technology and innovation. Research and writing: Dr. Ronit Segal Hirschberg.
Sigal Regev Rosenberg, CEO of United Health Insurance Fund, presents the various ways in which United Health Insurance Fund uses digital means to promote innovation in its services.
Science Abroad teamed up with the Ministry of Aliyah and Integration to strengthen ties with Israeli scientists abroad. Prof. Yesha Sivan was invited to lead a meeting as part of the project.