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DigitalRosh Spark: FCC Bans AI-Cloned Voice Robocalls
The Federal Communications Commission has declared AI-generated voice calls illegal, following improved fake robocalls using voice cloning.
Digital equity experts consider the potential inequities inherent to the acceleration of AI and suggest how to prepare.
A whitepaper about the Network and Information Security (NIS2) Directive, designed to increase the level of cybersecurity in Europe
UNESCO's new guide aims at a more human-centered approach to AI emerging tech, addressing risks to values like inclusion and diversity.
This article analyses a leaked thesis, which reveals Russia's cyber warfare strategy, emphasizing information influence, and psychological manipulation.
"You have two cows" is a political humoristic analogy, a kind of political satire to describe various economic systems of government
The AGI Elephant workshop was held by and for government and public service CIOs' annual meeting on the newest topics of AI.
Arie Rimini, the General Manager of Shaam, the IT unit of the Israeli Tax Authority talks about the challenges that the ITA faces
Israel Innovation Authority and SNPI Policy Institute publish the 2022-2023 Human Capital Report update for the Israeli high-tech sector
McKinsey's report on why productivity in Israel is lagging and what can be done to boost it. By David Chinn, Tera Allas & researchers