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Mastercard isn't just any payments company. In a rapidly digitizing world, it has strategically reimagined its approach to payments, ensuring it remains at the forefront……
AI in Financial Services
Technology has been democratized to the point where open integration and API-first development make for seamless integration with legacy systems.
BloombergGPT, the first finance-specific language model, excels in financial tasks while remaining competitive on general benchmarks, opening new opportunities for natural language processing in finance.
Shelia Anderson
Shelia shares how using AI and ML to automate routine insurance claims frees up staff members focus on more important goals.
A Q&A with Jake Tyler on ChatGPT's transformative impact on banking, which includes revolutionizing customer interactions, streamlining operations, and personalizing the digital banking experience.
Future of Jobs Report 2023
The world economic forum has released its latest "future of jobs" report, which states that 14 million jobs may vanish in the next 5 years.
Yariv Hasar from Pagaya Technologies was the guest speaker at DigitalRosh LIVE. Yariv’s lecture revolved around AI and its implementation in Pagaya as a platform that helps approve risky loans and transform estimates into business information.. Aya concluded with a few takeaways for digital leaders. He oncluded his lecture with Pagaya’s top 5 values and his take on the future of AI and AGI.
McKinsey wrote a detailed article that delves into CBDC (central bank digital currency). They examined the trends thats have likely spurred central banks interest in CBDCs, and highlight the benefits and risks of CBDCs.
Personalization in Digital Customer Service
Jennifer Timbrook from STAR Financial Bank joins the BAI Banking Strategies podcast to discuss her bank’s approach to Personalization in Digital Customer Service
James Jani gives a detailed and thorough description that explains the whole evolution of crypto and why it is one of the world greatest scams.