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exome sequencing and Marlena S. Fejzo
Exome sequencing targets protein-coding regions (exons), aiding in identifying rare mutations linked to traits and diseases.
Sonio, led by CEO Cécile Brosset Dubois, uses AI for safer fetal ultrasounds. FDA-cleared, set to enter the US market in 2024, improving global healthcare access.
Yesha Sivan at the IVF Worldwide Congress, Berlin 2013, gives 8 habits of digital marketing that IVF clinics should adopt
Gila Tolub summarizes the MedFemTech congress, which was a collaborative and innovative event focused on women's health. Along with Professor Zeev Shoham, they together embarked on this adventure with the vision of addressing the specific challenges faced by women in different parts of the world
Idan Tin: The Rise of Femtech
Ida Tin coined the term “FemTech” in 2016, which describes all tech and innovation that aims to tackle health issues that only impact women.
Women’s Health
Life sciences innovation and healthcare advancement depend on data. Today’s data fails to offer a complete picture of women’s health. What can be done?
Obliterating Obstructions
Jane Parnes and Nina Tandon recently spoke virtually about their most impactful teachers, a shared love of running marathons, and their contributions to the field of engineering.