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At Google Arts & Culture Lab. virtual Viola the Bird plays its cello-inspired instrument, and you are welcome to join the experiment.
Digital Art, Innovation, Inspiration, Technological Tools
In collaboration with 28 institutions, Google Arts & Culture unveils online interactive retrospective dedicated to Leonard da Vinci
Digital Art, Inspiration, Tips and Recommendations
See what happens when the whole universe comes together in Real Magic ways to help a boy in need of uplift and a little inspiration.
Digital Art, Inspiration, Marketing, Videos
AI Image Generators
If you’re feeling confused about which AI Image generator you should use in 2023, this is a complete guide to the best options out there.
AGI Tools, AI - AGI, Digital Art, Technological Tools
Coca-Cola teamed with OpenAI & Bain & Co. to build “Create Real Magic” platform that combines the capabilities of GPT and DALL-E
AI - AGI, Digital Art, Marketing, USA
The age of generative AI requires responsibility. Adobe Stock and Shutterstock address this major leap for creators with new guidelines
A: Directors-Owners, AI - AGI, Digital Art, Ethics
Gensler's Digital Experience Design
Find out how the Gensler's Digital Experience Design team partners with practice areas across the firm when designing a space.
Cities, Digital Art, USA, Videos
What if you could write a description of a painting you would like to see, and then in a matter of seconds a computer will generate that specific image? DALL-E-2 can do that.
AI - AGI, Artificial General Intelligence, Digital Art
Through life changing accidents, and data minded through NASCAR, human beings are finding ways to rebuild one another so that we are better, faster, and stronger.
Age of AI, AI - AGI, Collections, Digital Art, Technologies, Videos
Cavalia specializes a circus-like show combines horses, acrobatics, and digital. Innovative "blue ocean" inspiration by Normand Latourelle.
Case Studies, Digital Art, Inspiration