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San Francisco's ruling Board of Supervisors has voted to let the city's police use robots that can kill.
Robotics, Defense, USA
It is an artificial intelligence that enables the processing of media for fakes that often cannot be detected. The use of deep fakes can be great and positive for the field of cinema, medicine, education and more, but at the same time can serve as a real danger when it comes to using it for political purposes, extortion and threats and damage to national security.
AI - AGI, Videos, Defense, Government, Red Path (Digital Fails)
DigitalRosh company, Major Or Bar, leads the issue of security on the DigitalRosh website
Leaders, Defense
Artificial intelligence is changing the rules of the game in the world and our understanding of the technology and its potential (positive and negative) is only at the beginning of its journey. From this understanding, the National Security Committee for Artificial Intelligence (NSCAI) was established in the USA
AI - AGI, Cyber, Defense, Ethics, USA
How did it happen that during the "Shomer Homot" operation, the Iron Dome battery launched an interceptor at an Air Force F-15 fighter jet? Another example of the complexity of digital leadership
Case Studies, Defense, Red Path (Digital Fails)
This is the slogan of the Boston Dynamic company, which was founded by Mark Raibert in 1992 and specializes in the production of robots for industry. The company began its journey by producing films for the US Navy and over time moved on to create robots.
Robotics, Videos, Defense, Transportation, Red Path (Digital Fails)
A deep dive article - by Ian Beer & Samuel Groß of Google Project Zero - into an NSO zero-click iMessage exploit: Remote Code Execution. A fascinating example of the complexity of the digital era.
Cyber, Defense, Red Path (Digital Fails)
Researcher Arthur Holland Michel writes in DEFENSE ONE about a drone attack in Libya which, apparently, was not a normal attack but it was reported that the weapons were designed to attack targets without data communication between the operator and the ammunition - in other words: Lethal Autonomous Weapons System - LAWS).
Drones, Case Studies, Defense, Ethics

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