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The International Water Association 5-year strategy plan for 2024 and a whitepaper reviewing water technology trends & innovative use cases
McKinsey breaks down their perspective on four key segments of shared mobility: hailed mobility, car sharing, shared micromobility, & urban aerial mobility
China’s Surveillance
A NYT analysis of over 100,000 government documents found that China’s ambition to collect digital data from its citizens is more expansive & invasive than previously known.
China's Smart Cities
China's smart city technology may improve urban life and bring economic benefits. But it also advances the existing surveillance state.
Smart city governance
The G20 Global Smart Cities Alliance is establishing global policy norms for data collection and use, transparency, and public trust.
Smart Cities
How do smart cities look like? How are they implemented? and Why cybersecurity is so important an age of smart cities?
Digital Cities Index
The Digital Cities Index 2022, is a ranking of 30 global cities across four pillars: connectivity, services, culture and sustainability.
Gensler's Digital Experience Design
Find out how the Gensler's Digital Experience Design team partners with practice areas across the firm when designing a space.
A groundbreaking approach in the field of sustainable architecture and design, the use of computing tools to change from the built to the great and move from the world of the machine to the age of the organism.