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Medical AI
As the development of medical AI accelerates, a team at Google Health share learnings (and challenges some common AI myths) from deploying an AI model for detecting diabetic eye disease at real clinics.
AI - AGI, AI in Healthcare, Healthcare
Watch this video about Quirs-AI, a company that has become a game changer in the pharma industry by predicting drug safety accurately.
AI - AGI, AI in Healthcare, Bio, Innovation, Videos
Carmen van Vilsteren
High Tech Campus Eindhoven (high tech center and R&D ecosystem) published a white paper about the "Five Transformations of Future Health".
AI in Healthcare, Future of Digital, Healthcare, Netherlands
At his lecture Mr. Eyal Toledano, CEO of Stealth Startup, talks about the ways we should think about the future of medicine. He brings up the lessons he has learned along the way.
AI in Healthcare, Case Studies, Future of Work, Healthcare
AI in Dental Medicine
Dr. Vladi Dvoyris offers valuable insights into the current state and future prospects of AI and ML in the dental industry.
AI - AGI, AI in Healthcare
AI-Based Drug Design
Prof. Michal Rosen-Zvi is the Director of AI for Drug Discovery at IBM Research and an adjunct Computational Medicine Professor at the Hebrew University at the Faculty of Medicine. At this lecture she talks about AI-based drug design.
AI - AGI, AI in Healthcare, Case Studies
Despite progress, most pharmaceutical companies have not fully rewired their tech, tools, and operating models to realize their digital and analytics ambitions. Five actions can help them achieve scale.
AI in Healthcare, Healthcare
AI and Medication
It might sound like a concept from science fiction, but artificial intelligence is already facilitating the development process behind some pharmaceuticals.
AI - AGI, AI in Healthcare, Robotics, Videos
Biomedicines review aims to highlight the achievements of AI algorithms in the study of rare diseases in the past decade
AI in Healthcare, Bio, D: Senior-Mid Leaders, Data
AI Healthcare
This study by Oxford University Press focuses on analyzing various published AI and ML solutions, approaches, and perspectives to pave the way for a new data-centric era of discovery in healthcare.
AI - AGI, AI in Healthcare, Data, UK (United Kingdom)