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The most important facts and numbers for the prediction period up to 2031 summarized from the full report's 85 Pages and Tables.
Sivan Yaari's Innovation: Africa transforms lives with over 900 projects across 10 countries, providing electricity, water, and sustainable agriculture.
An overview of various AI-based approaches utilized in pharmaceutical technology, highlighting their benefits, prospects, and drawbacks.
Peter Lee, Microsoft VP, discusses AI integration in medicine, enhancing experiences and outcomes for healthcare providers and patients.
An amusing interactive online game where you need to guess if a word is an antidepressant drug or a character name from J.R.R. Tolkien story.
An article at Nature magazine: Scientists uncover new CRISPR genes, introducing a breakthrough in genetic engineering potential.
Jeremy King, Pinterest's SVP of Technology, leads the company's vision and engineering team on improvements of the image-driven platform.
Anders Sjögren, a senior technical leader at Volvo Cars, talks strategy and innovation in data, analytics, and AI implementation areas.
Trucknet optimizes fleets with a bidding system, reducing CO2 emissions, offering comprehensive logistics via advanced AI-driven technology.
Waabi, under Raquel Urtasun's leadership, are transforming autonomous driving systems utilizing generative AI & advanced AI simulations.