Leadership CONNECT: 7-Jul-2024 (Y24W28)

This Week in Leadership CONNECT:

  1. AI Risk: BorderTech’s Slippery Slope: From External Defense to Internal Challenges (Undivided Attention/TED)
  2. A Personal View: Moore’s Law For Everything By Sam Altman
  3. Report: On The Race To Deploy AI (McKinsey)
  4. Inspiration: Playfulness Is a Mindset, a Way of Thinking and Living (IKEA)
  5. Thinking Update: How to Capture Text Selection As a Note (MindLi)

Prof. Yesha Sivan and the MindLi Team

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1. AI Risk: BorderTech’s Slippery Slope: From External Defense to Internal Challenges (Undivided Attention/TED)

In response to the growing global refugee crisis, wealthy governments like the US and the EU are employing novel AI and surveillance technologies to slow the influx of migrants.

The declared goal is to make the process easier and more humane, but immigration lawyer Petra Molnar argues that this rollout doesn’t stop at the border.

She discusses with the hosts how these borderlands have become a proving ground for high-risk AI technology gradually trickling into other areas of our lives.

In this episode of the podcast “Your Undivided Attention,” Molnar, also the co-creator of the Migration and Technology Monitor, discusses how borders have become a proving ground for the sharpest edges of technology, especially AI.

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2. Personal View: Moore’s Law For Everything By Sam Altman

Sam Altman’s article from 2021 raised and still does a lot of interpretations, explanations, and analyses. Due to Altman and OpenAI’s roles in the AI and AGI ecosystem, the article is considered by many as a foundational statement.

Given the changes in OpenAI in the past three years, we are not sure Altman still stands behind the ideas he expressed in this article. You are invited to read and make your estimation.

The article suggests that similar to “Moore’s Law,” exponential improvements would occur across the AI-AGI field due to technological innovation and increased computational power.

Altman presents crucial consequences that will follow the recursive loop of innovation, and suggests a mechanism to ensure economic inclusivity and growth, making everyone a stakeholder in the nation’s prosperity.

He emphasizes the need for proactive policy changes to manage this transition and create a fairer, more prosperous society.

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3. Report: On The Race To Deploy AI (McKinsey)

McKinsey’s new report, “The race to deploy AI in the US and the EU,” reveals that by 2030, Europe could require up to 12 million occupational transitions to gain the full productivity benefits of generative AI and other technologies.

Businesses in the US and EU will need a substantial skills upgrade, not only for advanced IT and data analytics but also for critical thinking, creativity, and teaching and training.

The study indicates that generative AI could automate and enhance up to 30% of the current workload. It also outlines four key priorities for business leaders to focus on to ensure the successful implementation of automation technologies within their organizations.

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4. Inspiration: Playfulness Is a Mindset, a Way of Thinking and Living (IKEA)

Play can be much more than traditionally perceived, and it extends beyond specific activities. Playfulness is a mindset, a way of thinking and living that defines how parents with children approach and interact with the world and their home. It’s an approach to life that’s all about exploring, experimenting, creating, communicating, and connecting.

Ikea’s 2024 Play Report delves into the importance of play in children’s lives, exploring its impacts on their future. The focus of the report is on children, but it is equally right for adults as well.

The key conclusions from this international research study on play and playfulness revolution at home are as follows:

  1. People see play as a way to escape pressure and stress, increasing happiness and well-being for adults and children.
  2. Play isn’t Equal: Highlighting disparities in access to play opportunities.
  3. Three Human Priorities: The desire for a stress-free and happy life, nurturing self-love and assistance, and fostering connection and family togetherness.
  4. The Home as the Center: The home is not just a physical space but a vital center. It’s a safe and comforting space that caters to all its members’ needs.

The IKEA Play Report 2024 provides examples of physical solutions and products to stimulate the senses and encourage exploration and discovery.

Read the paper on DigitalRosh

5. Thinking Update

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