Leadership CONNECT: 30-Jun-2024 (Y24W27)

This Week in Leadership CONNECT:

  1. Case Study: Learnings From IBM/McDonald’s AI Ordering System Fail (GlobalData)
  2. Report: How The AI Was Stolen (Then & Now)
  3. Tech Explained: How Shazam Works (Real Engineering)
  4. Landmark Paper: Attention Is All You Need (2017, Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems)
  5. Thinking Update: How To Set MindLi In Your IOS Share Options (MindLi)

Prof. Yesha Sivan and the MindLi Team

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1. Case Study: Learnings From IBM/McDonald’s AI Ordering System Fail (GlobalData)

On 18 June 2024, reports emerged that McDonald’s would cease operating its AI-automated voice ordering service in over 100 drive-through restaurants after customers shared their comical mishaps online.

McDonald’s faced significant challenges when implementing this system as part of its comprehensive digital transformation strategy to enhance customer interaction and streamline operations.

The AI system, launched in partnership with IBM in 2021, needed human intervention for about 20% of the orders. That proved insufficient accuracy for a customer-facing service that required high reliability.

MacDonald’s AI rollout can be a cautionary tale for early AI adoption companies. It highlights the importance of ensuring high accuracy, thoroughly testing systems before deployment, and establishing robust support structures, including skilled staff and comprehensive training programs.

Read the full article on DigitalRosh.

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2. Report: How The AI Was Stolen (Then & Now)

“Stolen: AI” is a thorough investigation, yet philosophic video by Then & Now, that delves into the deceptive aspects of AI.

It follows the history, how it works, the theft of intelligence, what it can teach us about humans, and its prospective implications.

It describes the concept of “stolen intelligence.” How vast amounts of data have been taken or stolen from creators, and all of us, by Big Tech companies, describing it as one of the biggest heists in history.

Watch the full video on DigitalRosh.

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3. Tech Explained: How Shazam Works

While our brains can quickly identify songs through complex sign neural pathways and pattern recognition, programming a computer to match audio data is a significant challenge.

The video from Real Engineering explores how the Shazam app identifies songs in noisy environments. It demonstrates Shazam recognizing a song, the use of “fingerprinting” and explains the complexities of programming a computer to do this.

The video also discusses how the human brain’s recognition of music differs from a computer’s method, emphasizing the importance of timbre (the unique sound quality of instruments) and overtones in identifying music.

The ingenious coding behind Shazam’s technology led to the app’s acquisition by Apple for $400 million.

For the full explanation on DigitalRosh.

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4. Landmark Paper: Attention Is All You Need

“Attention Is All You Need” is a landmark research paper authored by eight scientists led by Vaswani, and published in 2017. The paper is considered a turning point in natural language processing, introducing the Transformer, a novel approach for processing sequences that uses attention mechanisms to understand long-range connections, achieving top results in machine translation tasks. According to Google Scholar, it was cited close to 130K times.

The Transformer was a breakthrough and has since become one of the most widely used architectures for language translation, language modeling, and question-answering. The Transformer’s impact extends beyond natural language processing to tasks like image generation and speech recognition.

Read the paper on DigitalRosh.

5. Thinking Update

This section is to provide you with a better understanding of the qualities of MindLi, share tips and tricks, and update you with new features, as well as other MindLi news.

If you wish to learn more about MindLi you are invited to check our extensive Help page and watch our tutorials on MindLi’s YouTube channel.

How To Set MindLi In Your iOS Share Options

Whenever you search for some information or read freely and bump on something you wish to save for yourself for a later read (wish to Capture in “MindLish”), with MindLi you are 3 clicks away from accomplishing this task.

The only thing you need is to set MindLi in your share option – an easy and short process on your phone.

Detailed explanations can be found both on our help page at MKB#1041 or on our YouTube channel “MindLi Tutorials”.

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