Leadership CONNECT: 9-Jun-2024 (Y24W24)

This Week in Leadership CONNECT:

  1. Case Study: Sheinbaum’s KISS (Transformation Model) in Mexico City (Bloomberg)
  2. Report: GDPR and the AI Complications (GlobalData)
  3. Review: AMIE: AI for Diagnostic Medical Conversations and Reasoning (Google)
  4. Campaign: Beauty in The AI Age (Dove)
  5. MindLi Update: Settings> Labs: Box Picker Advanced Menu (Your Thinking Co-Pilot)

Prof. Yesha Sivan and the MindLi Team

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1. Case Study: Sheinbaum’s KISS (Transformation Model) in Mexico City (Bloomberg)

Known as “la Doctora” for her academic credentials, Claudia Sheinbaum is a physicist with a doctorate in energy engineering, the former mayor of Mexico City, one of the world’s most populous cities, and was part of the United Nations panel of climate scientists that received a Nobel Peace Prize.

As of 2 June 2024, she is also the first woman elected president of Mexico, winning around 60% of the vote in the country’s largest election.

When Claudia Sheinbaum assumed office as mayor of Mexico City in 2018, she set the city’s digital transformation as a main goal to improve the lives of the 10 million residents.

To achieve this vision, Sheinbaum’s administration quickly established the Digital Agency for Public Innovation (ADIP), to centralize the city’s digital initiatives and streamline government operations. Its mission encompasses data management, open government, digital governance, technological infrastructure, and the reduction of bureaucratic red tape.

The agency follows the KISS model (Keep It Simple, and then Scale), focusing on small, tangible wins to build credibility and value quickly. Sheinbaum placed ADIP at the center of government decisions, highlighting the importance of digital services in public governance.

Some of Sheinbaum’s achievements are:

  • Simplification and digitization of governmental procedures. The number of procedures was reduced from 2,100 to 530, with 190 digitized, impacting 70% of citizen interactions with the government.
  • Enhancing digital access – The number of free internet hotspots in Mexico City increased from fewer than 100 in 2018 to over 34,000 by the end of 2023, making it the most connected city globally.
  • Digital products were developed to be functional on all mobile devices, and the city covered mobile data costs for accessing these services.

The Sheinbaum administration implemented what we called the Ready, Set; Go! Operate… model for the digital transformation we teach in a course DigitalRosh created with The Technician (unfortunately in Hebrew only). If you wish to dive in check out our course DLC156: Leading Digital Transformation (HE)

Read about the Digital Transformation in Mexico City on DigitalRosh

DigitalRosh > Knowledge > Technologies > AI – AGI

2. Report: GDPR And The AI Complication (GlobalData)

GlobalData explains the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)’s six-year evolution and the impact of AI and cybersecurity on GDPR and data protection practices.

The rise of AI, particularly generative AI (GenAI), has complicated data privacy and protection efforts. AI systems’ complexity and dynamic learning processes demand continuous updates to practices and regulatory frameworks.

For instance, GDPR’s stipulations against decisions based solely on automated processing pose challenges for AI’s integration into business processes.

The requirement for transparency in how personal data is used by AI systems means companies must explain AI decision-making processes significantly impacting individuals.

This complexity and potential difficulty in compliance have led to concerns that European companies might hesitate to deploy advanced AI systems.

More explanations and examples on DigitalRosh

DigitalRosh > Knowledge > Industries > Healthcare

3. Review: AMIE, AI for Diagnostic Medical Conversations and Reasoning (Google)

This research paper presents AMIE, a research AI system to enhance diagnostic accuracy and conversational skills. It’s joint work across many teams at Google Research and Google Deepmind. It aims to explore the potential of AI in improving medical diagnostics and communication while acknowledging the limitations and the need for further studies to ensure safety, reliability, and equity.

The paper describes the research these teams ran to develop, train, and evaluate an AI system named Articulate Medical Intelligence Explorer (AMIE), designed to engage in diagnostic conversations with patients and clinicians.

AMIE’s capabilities are compared to human’s, especially those of primary care physicians (PCPs.) For example, in diagnostic accuracy, AMIE demonstrated greater diagnostic accuracy in simulated environments, outperforming PCPs on multiple clinically meaningful axes of consultation quality.

AMIE’s potential advantages in diagnostic accuracy, scalability, and assistance to clinicians also point out its current limitations in interface familiarity, real-world validation, and ethical considerations compared to human clinicians.

To learn more about AMIE on DigitalRosh

DigitalRosh > Knowledge > Cross Industries > Ethics

4. Campaign: Beauty in The AI Age (Dove)

In response to findings in its 2024 The Real State of Beauty global report that includes, for example, “9 out of 10 women & girls say they have been exposed to harmful beauty content on social media,” Dove has launched a new campaign, The Code.

The impact of AI on beauty has inspired Dove to launch a campaign against generative AI bias and its commitment to never using AI to create or distort women’s images.

Two decades ago, Dove made a stand in challenging false beauty standards. In honor of the 20th anniversary of the Campaign for Real Beauty, Dove is renewing its vows to advocate real beauty, as it transitions into an era where 90% of content is predicted to be AI-generated by 2025. Its message “keep beauty real” still stands.

Read more and watch Dove’s video “The Code” on DigitalRosh

5. MindLi Update

This section is to provide you with a better understanding of the qualities of MindLi, share tips and tricks, and update you with new features, as well as other MindLi news.

If you wish to learn more about MindLi you are invited to check our extensive Help page and watch our tutorials on MindLi’s YouTube channel.

The Secrets of MindLi Settings 2 – Labs: Box Picker Advanced Menu

Labs allow us a “soft launch” of new features not yet mature enough to be officially announced to the wide public. We invite you to join our playground and test them. we will be grateful if you share your feedback.

Under Labs, you will find the Box Picker Advanced Menu.

Box Picker is where you select the Boxes for your Spark (2). It allows you multiple choice so that if a Spark is relevant for many topical Boxes, it can be part of all of them. It also allows you to Add a New Box if needed.

The advanced Menu offers 2 additional features:

  1. Show Selected Boxes First – By ticking this, the Boxes already connected to the Spark will be presented on top, regardless of the Boxes order you have.
  2. Auto Disconnect From “My Inbox” is an assisting tool to manage your Inbox, offering the possibility to set its behavior while connecting Sparks. Should they
    • Always Disconnect from Box
    • Ask every time you Connect a Spark
    • Never Disconnect from Box, i.e., always keep it connected to Inbox too.

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