Leadership CONNECT: 2-Jun-2024 (Y24W23)

This Week in CONNECT:

  1. Case Study: The Woman Who Leads 730,000 People – The Accenture Example with CEO Julie Sweet (WorkLab)
  2. Report: Country Risk Atlas 2024: Non-Payment Risk in Major Economies (Allianz)
  3. Review: AI at Work: From Experimentation to Business (Microsoft)
  4. Index: State of AI in 13 Charts (HAI Stanford)
  5. MindLi Update: Version 1.5.1 in The AppStore

Prof. Yesha Sivan and the MindLi Team

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1. Case Study: The Woman Who Leads 730,000 People — The Accenture Example With CEO Julie Sweet (WorkLab)

Microsoft’s podcast WorkLab hosts Julie Sweet, Accenture’s chair and CEO, who discusses Accenture’s focus on artificial intelligence.

Julie Sweet assumed the CEO role in September 2019 and Chair in September 2021. Sweet leads the enterprise giant, which employs more than 730,000 people, into the new era of AI, reinventing its processes with AI and helping clients do the same.

Sweek discusses in the podcast her understanding of AI’s potential impact on businesses. While it is interesting to hear her sharing her insights her actions speak for themselves and tell the same story.

Julie Sweet nurtures a robust learning culture. She emphasizes the importance of continuous learning and upskilling, particularly in key technologies transforming business.

Her initiatives include training Accenture’s employees on essential technological advancements and implementing programs like Accenture LearnVantage, an AI-powered platform designed to identify skills gaps and provide personalized learning experiences.

Accenture commitment to invest $3 billion in artificial intelligence and to double its AI-focused workforce to 80,000 employees impacts not only its workforce but will hopefully create a global impact as well, as these specialists assist clients in establishing the appropriate data infrastructure and enhancing their technical use of AI.

Listen to Julie Sweet on DigitalRosh.

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2. Report: Country Risk Atlas 2024: Non-Payment Risk in Major Economies (Allianz)

The Country Risk Atlas 2024 by Allianz provides insights on factors influencing non-payment risk in 84 economies, country by country. This is a comprehensive resource that provides detailed insights into the economic, political, business environment, and sustainability factors influencing non-payment risk for companies in 84 economies.

It utilizes a proprietary risk ratings model that is updated quarterly with the latest economic developments and proprietary data from Allianz Trade on global insolvencies and the business environment.

The purpose is to aid businesses and investors in making informed decisions by identifying potential risks and opportunities globally.

Review The Report on DigitalRosh.

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3. Review: AI at Work: From Experimentation to Business (Microsoft)

Microsoft and LinkedIn’s 2024 Work Trend Index Annual Report looks at how AI will reshape work and the labor market.

The report’s main findings explore employees’ and leaders’ attitudes, experiences, and expectations, highlighting the increasing use of AI in the workplace and the challenges and opportunities it presents for both employees and leaders.

To review the Work Trend report on DigitalRosh.

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4. Index: State of AI in 13 Charts (HAI Stanford)

The index is an independent initiative at the Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence (HAI).

This year’s report covers the rise of multimodal foundation models, major cash investments into generative AI, new performance benchmarks, shifting global opinions, and new major regulations.

Out of the 500-page document, HAI created a visual summary of the full report in 13 charts showing:

  • Open or Close? A Move Toward Open-Sourced
  • Performance Difference of Closed vs. Open Models
  • Number of Foundation Models by Organization – The Biggest Players
  • Number of Foundation Models by Sector – Industry Dwarfs All
  • Estimated Training Costs – Prices Skyrocket
  • Number of Notable ML Models by Country – What AI Race?
  • Select AI Index Technical Performance vs Human – Move Over, Human
  • Private Investment in AI
  • Private Investment in AI by Geographic Area – U.S. Wins $$ Race
  • How Businesses Are Using AI – Where is Corporate Adoption?
  • How People Think AI Will Affect Jobs – Younger and Wealthier People Worry About Jobs
  • Where People Say AI Makes Them Nervous – While the Commonwealth Worries About AI Products
  • Number of AI-Related Regulations in the US – Regulation Rallies

Review the Charts in DigitalRosh.

5. MindLi Update

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Version 1.5.1 is in The AppStore

Version 1.5.1 is now in the App Store. The main updates are:

  • Enhancement – Assist menu – Help, Support, and Feedback, with autofill of name, on every page in the App.
  • Enhancement – Show selected Boxes first in the Box picker
  • Enhancement – Added MindLi tutorials (YouTube) link to settings
  • Enhancement – Improved look and feel of the Share function
  • Minor fixes

We encourage you to download the new version so that you can enjoy all the new features of MindLi.

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