Leadership CONNECT: 12-May-2024 (Y24W20)

We are back with a new name and new look 🙂

This rebranding is part of DigitalRosh’s transformative updates towards better alignment with MindLi, our innovative thinking Copilot.

While the name and the focus were fine-tuned our core promise to our members stayed the same. We do our best to fulfill it.

This Week in CONNECT:

  1. DigitalRosh’s Q2 2024 Update: Think, Lead, Transform
  2. Productivity Method: Tiago Forte’s 4 Pillars of Productivity
  3. Case Study: 23andMe Downfall – What Went Wrong?
  4. Top 20: The World’s Most Magnificent Jobs That Will Last AI
  5. MindLi Update: The Secrets of MindLi Settings – AI Lab


Prof. Yesha Sivan and the DigitalRosh Team


1. DigitalRosh Q2 2024 Update: Think, Lead, Trasnform

We are delighted to announce some transformative updates to DigitalRosh as we align more closely with MindLi, our innovative thinking Copilot.

We trust you have encountered MindLi recently — whether as a new user or through our previous communications. if you wish to discover more you are invited to visit MindLi’s site.

Looking ahead to 2024, our theme will be “Think, Lead, Transform.” This new focus builds on our commitment to Lifelong Learning, which remains a cornerstone of our philosophy and a vital step towards achieving our theme.

The main sections in DigitalRosh were rebranded to better reflect the updated focus, and now include:

  • Newsletter – Our weekly newsletter is called, as of now, Leadership Connect, and it will continue to present the highlights of our knowledge corpus. It will also include MindLi updates.
  • Knowledge – Curated items regarding technology, leadership, innovation, and Thinking from a wide, managerial, interdisciplinary point of view.
  • People – The communication channels for our community members via our LinkedIn groups and within the site.
  • Tools – AI, technological, and Management tools, as well as courses aimed at leaders’ personal and professional improvement. MindLi included.

Your active participation and feedback are essential as we implement these changes and strive to keep DigitalRosh’s offerings impactful and relevant. Should you have any questions, suggestions, or feedback about these updates or any other aspect of our community, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Thank you for your continued support and dedication.

Check out DigitalRosh

DigitalRosh > Knoledge > Cross Industries > Mindful Management

2. Productivity Method: Tiago Forte’s 4 Pillars of Productivity (Forte Lab)

In a world where productivity often feels synonymous with constant busyness, Tiago Forte presents a different perspective and proposes a method that focuses on the nature of digital life.

Forte’s approach revolves around viewing productivity as a structured building with four essential pillars: the digital calendar, task manager, digital note-taking, and read-later system. These pillars serve as the foundation for managing a productive life in the modern world.

At the core of Forte’s philosophy are two fundamental questions:

  • What’s Your Productivity Potential?
  • How can humans reach their creative potential?

Through his research and work at Forte Labs, he explores innovative ways to organize our digital lives to unlock our full potential.

To delve deeper into Tiago Forte’s concept on DigitalRosh

DigitalRosh > Knowledge > Technologies > Healthcare

3. Case Study: 23andMe Downfall – What Went Wrong? (WSJ)

23andMe has been a lot of things throughout its history. Founded in 2006, by Anne Wojcicki, Linda Avey, and Paul Cusenza, as a genetic testing company that provides insights into people’s ancestry and health risks from tubes of spit they send through the mail.

It’s also a data company, having DNA samples from some 10 million people who have consented to sharing their genetic information for research. And it’s a pharmaceutical company developing its own drugs based on discoveries gleaned from its genetic datasets.

Valued at $6 billion in 2021 when it went public, 23andMe now risks being delisted from the Nasdaq as its stock continues to trade below $1 a share.

Problematic business model? Lack of focus? Law suites due to privacy breach?
WSJ explains what went wrong. Wojcicki, by the way, is optimistic about the future.

Watch WSJ video on DigitalRosh

DigitalRosh > Knowledge > Cross Industries > Future Of Work

4. Top 20: World’s Most Fascinating Jobs That Will Last AI (Insider)

Business Insider traveled the globe to learn about the world’s most fascinating jobs that may use Artificial Intelligence as helpers, but humans are still required. From butter artisans to clay sculptors of new car models, through chefs and art conservators, humans will still be needed in these professions, even in the AI age of the 21st century.

This 3-hour video specifies 23 fascinating jobs and how the digital era elevates and helps these ‘old-fashioned’ unique technologies.

Watch the video on DigitalRosh


5. MindLi Update – The Secrets of MindLi Settings (1) – AI Lab

This section of the newsletter will provide you with a better understanding of the qualities of MindLi, share tips and tricks, and update you with new features, as well as other MindLi news.

If you wish to learn more about MindLi you are invited to check our extensive Help page and watch our tutorials on MindLi’s YouTube channel.

The Secrets of MindLi Settings (1) – AI Lab

Labs allow us a “soft launch” of new features that are not yet mature enough to be officially announced to the wide public. We invite you to join our playground and test them. We will be grateful if you share your feedback.

Under AI Labs you will find the possibility to Activate Spark AI and Box AI, as well as the possibility to select the engine you wish to use for your AI functions. 

The AI functionality in MindLi is taking its first steps into this vast world. We see AI taking a significant part in each of the 5 Thinking Modes in MindLi. We started with basic insight generation as an assisting tool under Create mode.

Stay tuned for further development.

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