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This week in CONNECT:

  1. Tool: Empathic AI to Serve Human Well-Being (Hume.AI)
  2. Tech Trend: The Vertical AI Boom (GlobalData)
  3. Report: Ransomware Trends Report (Veeam)
  4. Field Report: What They Don’t Tell You About Wearing a Camera on Your Face (DigitalTrends)
  5. Jobs Board

Let’s Think Together,

Prof. Yesha Sivan and the DigitalRosh Team

DigitalRosh > Corpus > Technologies > AI – AGI

1. Tool: Empathic AI to Serve Human Well-Being (Hume.AI)

EVI (Empathetic Voice Interface) is a Web-based (no app needed) voice conversation that captures your feelings from your voice. EVI interprets emotional expressions and generates empathic responses.

Asking EVI what its role is, it answered: “My role is to analyze the emotional expressions in your voice and respond in a way that validates your feelings and hopefully provides a bit of comfort or perspective. I am here, focused on your words and tone, ready to have an open and meaningful conversation.”

Hume is a research lab and technology company headed by Alan Cowen, a mathematician and computational emotion scientist who developed new data-driven methods to study human experience and expression.

Hume’s mission, as stated on the company site, is to ensure that artificial intelligence is built to serve human goals and emotional well-being. They envision a future where AI systems use scientific approaches to fulfill human needs. Good luck to us all.

Meet the first AI with emotional intelligence on DigitalRosh

DigitalRosh > Corpus > Technologies > AI – AGI

2. Tech Trend: The Vertical AI Boom (GlobalData)

There is rapid growth and development of AI technologies specifically tailored to meet the needs of particular industries, such as healthcare, legal services, finance, or hospitality.

A slew of AI startups are raising funds to develop role-based models of specialized AI solutions for specific industries or functions within industries.

It is too early to know whether a dominant player will emerge in each vertical, but GlobalData analysts have come up with a few that seem to become leaders within their industry:

  • Devin: Focuses on software engineering, offering an autonomous AI software engineer for complex code and software engineering tasks.
  • Abridge: Specializes in healthcare, providing AI-driven clinical documentation tools to enhance efficiency in healthcare settings.
  • Harvey: Targets the legal industry with an AI legal assistant built on OpenAI’s ChatGPT-4, streamlining workflows and increasing productivity for legal professionals.
  • Sierra: Aims at business and customer services, enabling companies to build their customer service agents with capabilities like order tracking and account recovery.
  • TaxGPT and FinGPT: Serve the tax and financial analysis sectors, offering AI assistants to streamline tax processes and aid financial analysts and investment professionals.
  • Velma: Facilitates efficient communication between hotel staff and guests, offering sales solutions and organizing hotel data for business intelligence.

Read the article on DigitalRosh

DigitalRosh > Corpus > Technologies > Cyber

3. Report: Ransomware Trends Report (Veeam)

Veeam Ransomware Trends Report reveals the widespread impact of ransomware attacks on organizations globally and specifically in Europe, based on lessons learned from 350 cyber attacks.

  • 93% of ransomware attacks attempted to destroy backup data
  • 13% were able to recover without paying a ransom
  • 20% of organizations who paid the ransom still could not recover their data

These findings underscore the urgent need for robust recovery plans, collaborative efforts between cyber and backup teams, and enhanced security measures to mitigate the impact of ransomware attacks on organizations worldwide.

The subject invites us to go back to a lecture by Esti Peshin, VP and director of the Cyber Division at Israeli Aerospace Industry – Elta. Esti talked about cyber resilience and the importance of digital Leadership. 2 years have passed since Esti’s lecture at DigitalRosh’s event, but the content is more relevant than ever. View Esti’s lecture on DigitalRosh.

Read the full report on DigitalRosh

DigitalRosh > Corpus > Technologies > AI-AGI

4. Field Report: What They Don’t Tell You About Wearing a Camera on Your Face (DigitalTrends)

Andy Boxall from Digital Trends reviews his experience taking pictures with his Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses. It turns out that it is dramatically different from taking photos with a phone in ways he did not expect.

Pros of wearing a camera on one’s face include hands-free operation and unique first-person perspectives.

However, challenges arise with composing shots, visualizing the final results accurately, and editing complexity – to name a few. Despite rather a long list of challenges it is a call to take the challenge and try it – explore the unique perspectives and creative opportunities.

Read the full article and Watch the TED talk on DigitalRosh

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5. Jobs Board:

Where you can find and advertise jobs in the worlds of digital and innovation. Companies and community members are invited to contact us to advertise relevant jobs through us.

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