DigitalRosh CONNECT: 29-Mar-2024 (Y24W14)

DigitalRosh Connect Newsletter y24w14 - Tim Berners-Lee on WWW Turnnig 35; Jensen Huang Keynote on Nvidia Innovation; Walmart Retail AI; Animals Language with AI, & DigitalRosh TLT2024 Comeet.

This week in CONNECT:

  1. Digital Leader: Tim Berners-Lee on WWW as it Turns 35 (Web Foundation)
  2. GTC2024: Jensen Huang Keynote Speach & Other Nvidia Gems (Nvidia)

  3. Case Study: Walmart is Breaking Retail Boundaries with AI (GlobalData)

  4. Research: Deciphering What Animals Are Saying with AI (TED)

  5. Event: 11-APR-2024 TLT 2024 – Think, Lead, Transform. Wix Campus TLV

  6. Jobs: Electronic Warfare Systems Engineer at IAI; Senior AI Algorithms Engineer at Intel, and More.

Let’s Think Together,

Prof. Yesha Sivan and the DigitalRosh Team

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1. Digital Leader: Tim Berners-Lee Top Predictions as WWW Turns 35 (Web Foundation)

As the World Wide Web (WWW) turns 35, inventor Tim Berners-Lee refers to the web failures and makes his suggestions for the direction it should take in the next 35 years.

The web was originally intended to empower humanity through collaboration, compassion, and creativity, says Tim Berners-Lee, but, in recent years, it has been dominated by a few corporations, leading to centralization, erosion of values, and harm.

Tim Berners-Lee’s main focus is given to decentralization, data ownership, and human-centric evolution.
His predictions and suggestions for the future include:

Change Attitude: The focus should shift from polarizing content to an environment with diverse voices and perspectives that nurture empathy and understanding.

Emerging Paradigm: A novel paradigm is needed, prioritizing individuals’ intentions over sheer attention in business models.

Solid Protocol and Data Ownership: The Solid Protocol aims to provide individuals with their own “personal online data store” (POD), allowing them to decide how their data is managed, used, and shared. This approach is the future of data ownership and control.

Berners-Lee calls for action. The Web Foundation, co-founded by him, supports and accelerates this emergent system. Others are called upon to back morally courageous leadership and overturn the profit-driven online world.

To the full article on DigitalRosh

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2. GTC2024: Jensen Huang Keynote Speach & Other Gems From Nvidia Conference

Kicking off the 2024 GTC conference, NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang unveils its major technological advances in cutting-edge computing.

Watch the keynote talk, which is a spectacular show for itself. Huang introduced the company’s new Blackwell computing platform and presented NVIDIA NIM, a new way of packaging and delivering software. Bringing AI into the physical world, Huang introduced Omniverse Cloud APIs to deliver advanced simulation capabilities.

The conference was hybrid, and many other gems from the conference are available to watch free by registration at Nvidia, among them:

  • Transforming AI
  • AI Secrets I Wish I Knew
  • Perform High-Efficiency Search, Improve Data Freshness, and Increase Recall With GPU-Accelerated Vector
  • Breathing Life into Disney’s Robotic Characters with Deep Reinforcement Learning
  • Learning Control with Differentiable Simulation
  • Generative AI Demystified
  • Mastering Speech AI for Multilingual Multimedia Transformation
  • and more

Watch Jensen Huang keynote on DigitalRosh

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3. Case Study: Walmart is Breaking Retail Boundaries with AI (GlobalData)

Walmart is expanding its business beyond traditional retail by selling its AI software to other companies. After using the AI-powered software internally for the past two years to improve delivery efficiency, Walmart aims to offer the technology to other businesses.

This move aligns with Walmart’s strategy to diversify its revenue streams beyond retail and leverage disruptive technology trends.

Walmart’s CEO, Doug McMillon, highlights the success of AI in improving search functionalities within the Walmart app, emphasizing its solution-oriented search experiences for customers.

Walmart is not alone. Amazon, Instacart, and others leverage AI-driven features to streamline shopping experiences and cater to evolving consumer needs.

Experts foresee a shift in consumer behavior, suggesting that robust generative AI technology on retailer platforms could reduce reliance on traditional search engines like Google and change the dynamics of online shopping.

Read the full report on DigitalRosh

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4. Research: Generative AI Potential in Deciphering What Animals Are Saying (TED)

Humans have long viewed the world through an anthropocentric lens, limiting our understanding of other species. Despite scientific efforts, language remains a significant barrier. However, recent advances in generative AI offer hope.

Projects like the Earth Species Project and Project CETI (sperm whales) aim to decode non-human communication, using AI to analyze animal sounds and link them to behavior and emotions. This breakthrough could revolutionize conservation and deepen our connection to the animal kingdom.

Both projects use AI to search for patterns to link vocalizations with behavior and emotions and then validate the model with scientists specializing in linguistics, phonology, and morphology.

This is all made possible through machine learning, which can process vast amounts of data, pulling out intricate patterns and insights.

Read the full article and Watch the TED talk on DigitalRosh

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5. Events:

11-APR: TLT 2024 – Think, Lead, Transform. Wix Campus, Tel Aviv

TLT 2024 – Think, Lead, Transform. This is the motto for DigitalRosh’s upcoming annual outing. Same as last year, it is organized in cooperation with the Azrieli School of Continuing Studies of the Technion.

These ideas are manifested in the three parts of the event, represented by the leading talks:

  • Wix, an ever-growing company with its web solutions
  • Dr. Yesha Sivan – about thinking in uncertain times and MindLi, a personal thinking copilot.
  • Dov Moran – who fulfilled these very ideas exceptionally in his impressive career.

It will be lovely to meet, catch up, and think together, enjoying excellent company and good food 😉

Thursday, April 11, 2024, at 09:00 in Wix Campus, Tel Aviv.

Looking forward to seeing you,

Register for the event

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6. Jobs Board: Electronic Warfare Systems Engineer at IAI; Senior AI Algorithms Engineer at Intel, and More.

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