UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning

The UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning (UIL) is located in Hamburg, Germany, and is one of the seven educational institutes of UNESCO – the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization. The institute supports states in the field of lifelong learning focusing on adult and continuing education, literacy, and non-formal basic education. In accordance with UNESCO’s order of priorities, special attention is paid to Africa and gender equality.

The institute owns and manages one of the largest libraries in the world in the field of education and learning and hosts the oldest journal in the world for comparative education and lifelong learning.

The institute’s mission is to promote the recognition of every person’s right to education and learning and to create the conditions for realizing this right. The institute conducts research, builds capacities and creates networks, and publishes on lifelong learning.

In many countries, there are regulated programs, including policy and strategy, for lifelong learning. Korea is one of them and operates a program based on 4 elements: People, Participation, Prosperity, and Partnership (the four Ps). The Fourth National Plan for the Promotion of Lifelong Learning (2018-2022) seeks to develop a flexible and high-quality system of lifelong learning as part of the response to accelerated technological innovation, the fourth industrial revolution, and social changes such as the structure of the population (an aging society), the extension of life expectancy and changes in the world of work.

The program details the importance of lifelong learning:

  1. The most effective investment to promote growth
  2. A welfare policy is extremely effective in eliminating polarization
  3. Ensuring basic learning rights and improving citizens’ satisfaction

The historical role of traditional educational institutions is changing fundamentally and governments can play a central role in guiding the appropriate policies for the new era.


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