Built for Change – Accenture Podcast Series (Collection)

Businesses today face challenges at a scale most leaders have never experienced – & never anticipated.

Built for Change, hosted by broadcast journalist Elise Hu & technologist Josh Klein, explores how the global pandemic has not only forced radical changes in business, technology & human behavior, but also created incredible new opportunities for leaders to evolve & ultimately excel in this environment. Through compelling conversations with industry thought leaders, Built for Change dismantles shop-worn assumptions of how to meet customer needs; links a new model of employee well-being to company success; demonstrates how technology & sustainability can be part of a business’s twin transformation — & more. This podcast is from Accenture.

Future of Work

Reimagining the Future of Work

Elise Hu & Josh Klein discuss about Reimagining the Future of Work by interviewing a work futurist, a Human Potential