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The Corpus Includes:

  • DigitalRosh CONNECT: our newsletter for digital leaders 
  • Guides and Tools: guides in a digital world and practical digital tools.
  • Collections: where we curated special collections
  • Technologies: Content items filtered by technology types
  • Industries: content items are divided into industries and sectors in the digital context.
  • Cross-Industries: content items divided into different topics relevant to the various sectors and industries.
  • Digital Culture: Content items that add flavor and interest to the digital world.
  • Partners: Content items related to DigitalRosh partners.

For leaders of learning:

  • Recommend new content: We invite you to share with us content that you find interesting and relevant, such as articles, news and insights, videos, presentations, etc.
  • Share your original content: If you wrote an article or a guide, share it with us. We will upload to the site and share with the community members.
  • Moderate a content field: Are you an expert in a certain field? Do you have extensive knowledge about a specific subject and you want to share it? You can lead a room on our website and fill it with relevant content. For example, enter the social and digital room, which was established by community member Dr. Yuval Dror.

Recommended New Items

I/O 2023

100 Things Google Announced at I/O 2023

I/O 2023, the anticipated annual developer conference hosted by Google, is a definitive event where cutting-edge technological innovations take center stage. we have meticulously curated a comprehensive compilation of the most noteworthy highlights that you simply can’t miss.

What is Quantum Computing?

This McKinsey report explains how quantum computing is a new approach to calculation that uses principles of fundamental physics to solve extremely complex problems very quickly.

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