The Community of IT Graduates of The IDF

Welcome to the IT graduates of the IDF Community.
The community was established by a member of Digitalrosh Mr. Udi Kauf , with the aim of creating one place where all graduates of the Communication and ICT Corps will be a part of it.

 The community is still in the stages of establishment, and takes care of quality content, events and activities for community members.

In 2009, Udi Kauf retired from regular service in the IDF, at the rank of lieutenant colonel, after 26 years of service in various positions in the IT system. Since his retirement from the IDF, he has performed a variety of positions in the fields of engineering, business development and sales in the IT worlds, with an emphasis on activities with the defense sector.
Until August 2019, he was the CEO of CTI, which dealt in these areas, and currently leads the security sector at EMET Technologies.

Audi Kauf

Security field manager
EMET Technologies