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To Be a Mentor

As part of the Teva Bio Innovators 2022 community’s, a professional mentoring system has been established to assist community members in their journey. The room is intended for Teva mentors and anyone who wants to be one, and contains relevant materials for mentoring processes. 

The materials are general and every mentor can use the material that fits him/her best (courses, personal, etc.).

The ability to inspire mentees is not an innate talent – it is possible to learn how to do it.

Simon Sinek explains how to become such great inspirational leader.

Understand your mentee – every mentor is also a mentee, just like every father is also a son.

The more we manage to understand the mentee and his needs, we will grow to be better mentors.

In order to be helpful, quality mentors, we must spike inspiration among mentees.

This short video tells the story of inspiration. 

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