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Sivan Yaari's Innovation: Africa transforms lives with over 900 projects across 10 countries, providing electricity, water, and sustainable agriculture.
Google uses AI to combat climate-related challenges like floods & wildfires focusing on enhancing safety, preparedness, and sustainability.
The International Water Association 5-year strategy plan for 2024 and a whitepaper reviewing water technology trends & innovative use cases
Planting trees by drones
An Australian tech company uses seed-firing drones to restore the world’s forests, accurately and rapidly planting trees in diverse landscapes
Cooperation of the International Fertilizer Association (IFA) along with other factors from the field of agriculture, developed a platform for sharing nutritional data of agricultural crops with the aim of promoting worldwide research cooperation that will lead to the optimization of agricultural growth around the world where the climate environment is far from stable.
Prof. Amir Daghani, from the Technion, is researching the development of a mobile ground robot that knows how to use a drone or several drones for accurate and economical agricultural activity.
What is the connection between cyber and agriculture? How does digital allow the tractor company - John Deere to use its power in order to maximize profits and create a monopoly of agricultural data? Thanks to DigitalRosh friend Gerry Mendelson for sending the article.
Salmon fillet based on plant materials and printed in 3D is Plantfish goal in developing a sustainable and vegan meat substitute
On March 19, 2022, Prof. Yesha Sivan and Yoav Chelouche gave a lecture on digital leadership to the executives of AVRIL, which specializes in industrial agriculture, during their visit to Israel.
A team of researchers from Harvard University are working on developing bee-like drones. The drones will be used as pollinators in areas where the population of pollinators in general and bees in particular is not large and developed enough. Some see this solution as a security danger and fear that the drones will be used as a means of warfare in the future.