When thinking about digital leadership in a career context, two key concepts come to mind – attitude and role. The digital age has greatly expanded the relevance of both concepts and taken them out of the limited spaces that belonged to them in the past. 

The concept of “approach” refers to the managerial concept and the manager’s behavior in the digital context – the degree of openness to technology, the degree of the manager’s depth and familiarity with the digital, in general, and the way the digital is integrated into the business processes in the organization in particular. If in the past it was common to attribute the relevance of access to the senior management levels – the CEO, the VP, the board member or the chairwoman – then today, with the development of technology, digital access is a mandatory component for every manager, at every level in the organization. 

Even in the role aspect, there has been a dramatic change in the place of the digital. In the past, digital was seen as the almost exclusive property of the Information Systems Manager, the VP of Digital, and the CMO. To a certain extent, the responsibility was also extended to those who served as a consultant, auditors, team leaders or changeleadersr in the organization. Today it is clear that understanding digital, its impact on the organization and the competitive environment is necessary knowledge for every position holder – the marketing manager, the sales manager, the human resources manager or the operations manager. This is an integral part of understanding the business. Digital is an integral part of the core of the organization’s business, affects the way the business is managed and the competitive environment, and therefore, it is mandatory for every manager to understand the concepts, the impact on the processes, and to be well acquainted with the systems relevant to his/her field of occupation.  

Since a critical part of the LLL approach is a career, we have offered the following services to the members of the community: 

When thinking about the meaning of “digital leadership”, there are two central meanings: both an approach and a role; “Access” is relevant to anyone who serves in the position of CEO, VP, member of the board of directors, or chairwoman, and also “position” such as information systems manager, VP digital, finance manager, or alternatively anyone who serves as a consultant, auditor, team leader or change leader in the organization.

Since a critical part of the LLL approach is a career, we have provided community members with the following services:

  • “Job Board” (open positions) — allow you to browse open positions as well as details of community members looking for their next challenge.
  • The Consultancy Route – A special training program for managers who are willing to become digital transformation consultants. The program contains three courses – from step one at the digital world with the course “Harness the digital power” up to “leading organizational transformation”.
  • Mentoring – As part of the DigitalRosh community’s concept of activity, a professional support system (mentoring) was established to assist the members of the community in their digital journey. Mentoring is also a way to enlarge one’s circles & networking, acquire experience and learn from colleagues, and hence it is part of Career section.  We’ve collected for DigitalRosh mentors. and for anyone who wishes to be one, items relevant to initiation and accompaniment processes.

For members who wish to be involved, we allow:

  • Hiring: Do you know a position that has become vacant at your workplace? Have you heard about an open position that is relevant to the world of digital and innovation? Send us the details and we will make sure to publish it in the DigitalRosh job area and of course also publish it in the CONNECT newsletter.
  • Looking for the next role? You’re invited to talk to us and we will help you.
  • Active community members can be part of DigitalRosh’s advisory committee. Those interested are welcome to contact us.